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Monday, September 15th, 2008

08:05 am   On Keep In

New work policy: WFH Thurs. So I guess I'll be staying home those days - why not?

Tried to go see a play on Fri, outside. Even with the rain and tornadoes. We got there, waited an hour, then it was announced that the sound board was fried. Annoying. Might try to go back tonight. Oh, Fri dinner was Sushi House. It was okay, makes us want Maido.

Spent quite a few MS points on XBLA stuff and DLC on Sat. Ticket to Ride, Bomberman Live, Assault Heroes, Puzzle Fighter, COD4 Maps, ME DLC, Live Draft Tracker, Live Score Tracker. Some just for the points, some to play myself, and some to play with others.

Went to a party for people from their work on Sun. In the back seat of a Town Car riding through a small town with a Brazilian driver and two people with open containers in the front seat is an.... interesting... experience. Random shouting and honking, and ended up with a motorbike following us back. Watched football, talked to a mortician.

Since we were out so long, laundry wasn't done. I ended up sleeping on the couch, then moving to the bed with just a random sheet. Didn't sleep well, but didn't feel bad enough to call in.

Been trying to get achievements with another LAGger. EA sucks. Their achievements have non-descriptive text, are glitchy, and some are pretty much broken/impossible. And fixes? What, a fix for an older/non-sports game? No. EA sucks. Anyway, we made what little progress we could. Looks like I won the challenge this week.

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

08:15 am   Slugsh

Work was rough, then I had a few days off. It helped, but I'm still not feeling back to normal. I have, at least, been keeping myself busy at work with coding. I missed coding, it really helps engage my brain and keep it active. I kinda feel like I lose that capacity if I'm not using it regularly. I'm still not all there, but I am making progress.

I've been gaming quite a bit. Put up around 1500 points last week. Finally got that stupid penalty shot in NHL 2K6. It took way too long, considering how it easy it was when I finally got it. I've pretty close to finishing Civilization Revolution, too. They managed to make a Civ game playable in a short amount of time on a console that keeps the Civ feel. Amazing.

I'm in the SOCOM beta. It's.. okay. I'll need more time and maybe a controller remap to get into it. I haven't played SOCOM for.. years. Let's see, probably right after SOCOM II came out.

I'm considering a new machine. Not sure, yet. I haven't really used the ones I have much, but they are pretty old now. I could use more storage, regardless. I'll probably at least get a bigger HD for the PS3. I have a couple power supplies and a case sitting ready to be used, though.

Did some cataloging of my stuff, and have a simplified stuff page going on. My old one was nice, but overly complex. I'll probably end up with something in between due to the current one being a little too simple and lacking features.

Also finally worked up the beginnings of a media gallery script that works exactly as I want it to. Most of the scripts I've come across just don't have the exact combination of features I'm looking for. This one is starting to. I have a few more things to figure out at a base level, then I can work on the combining. I'm very happy with the progress so far.

I have other projects to work on, too. As long as I keep putting at least a little time in each day, I'll be satisfied with the progress. I have so many ideas for the various projects, and I don't devote much time to them right now.

It's looking to be a busy weekend, too.

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

07:49 am   Human Pub Braid

Well, I did manage to finish the achievements for Pub Games... and afterwards, I was reminded that that crappy MadCatz controller has turbo so I could have used that instead of wearing out my fingers manually pressing A. Doh.

I also made it through Braid, although I still have Speed Runs and the Stars to get. Kinda stupid on the stars, really - one I can't get now, and another takes 2+ hours? Come on, man. Lame. The game itself was short, but pretty neat. I still feel that it wasn't worth the price, but I didn't buy it, so.... Shrug.

Too Human is kinda okay single player. It's much more fun in co-op. It has some major annoyances, but it's a decent game. Not all that like it was supposed to be, but good enough to keep playing. I finished soloing act 3 last night, so I'm getting through it. I hope to finish the game this week, and will then be available for co-opping.

Of course, Disgaea 3 and Tales of Vesperia come out this week, so I'll have those late tomorrow or Thurs after work. Infinite Undiscovery comes out next week, so that'll be 3 RPGs to add to the pile, as if I needed more. I still have barely touched Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata, let alone the others.

There's a 25% off PSP/PS2/PS3 games coupon for GameStop this week. I'll probably pick up Heavenly Sword at least, if not Uncharted Drake's Fortune as well. Hello, trophies. PSN needs to have a sale on the games that actually have trophies.

Had a busy/rough work week last week. High stress, long hours. And, of course, I was having trouble sleeping to add to it all. Hopefully, I'm back into regular sleep so I can relax somewhat this week. I have a training thing on Thurs morning downtown, so I'll be able to get out of the office then. I'm hoping I can do the work from home thing on Fri, and then have the long weekend. I have Tues off, so that's an extra day to unwind. I was thinking of heading to Chi-town for a LAG get together, but I think I'd rather relax than worry about driving that far.

Oh yeah, I won the challenge last week. I even put in a good number of points. But, no one else did. Yeah, no one else put ANY points in. At all. It was all me. Kinda strange. I'll take it, but.. meh.

Still a but fuzzy and fried. I'm trying to work through that and get moving on some of my personal projects. Of course, work is getting in the way this week as well. What's supposed to be downtime isn't.

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Monday, August 18th, 2008

11:55 am   Racked

360 Rack

Took the time to re-catalog the 360 games, then realized once they were all out that it would be much handier to just get a shelf/rack for them and keep them in order that way. Ended up with this. Not horrible, but.. Yeah. Not great, either. Managed to pick up 4 more games, too.

Still need to catalog the DVDs and various other things, but this is progress of a sort.

Work has been busy, not much else to say.

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Monday, August 11th, 2008

02:55 pm   Shtaff

Lazy, c/p from x360v.

Woo, managed to win the challenge thanks to Madden 07. GameStop had it in a 50% off bin with a couple others - I ended up getting 2 other 360 games and a faceplate for under $20 total. Not a bad deal. I think the other 2 games were NHL 2K6 and X-Men. The faceplate was Mass Effect.

I didn't think I would be playing much, due to out-of-town guest over the entire challenge. They left on Sun, so I was free to spend 3 boring hours with 30 years of franchise. Yawn. I'm so glad they stopped doing those, even though 07 seemed easier to do than 06. 08 was better overall achievement-wise. I have a bunch of SS achievements left in 07, and probably some misc other ones.

Last night, found a clearance deal at Target on CAG and headed over there. Picked up Kane & Lynch and NBA Ballers for $20 each, new. They had Madden 08 for $15, new, but I already have the points. They also had the 1600 MS Point cards for $15, but I've got plenty of points sitting around as-is.

This week, I'm not really sure what I'll be working on. I missed the secret weapon in CH last week, which was a bummer. I'll probably get back to SCIV and maybe AitD, as well as test out the new games. I find myself not playing the 360 much on non-challenge days - either vegging or PS3/PSP/DS and just doing 360 boots for streak save.

I did watch some of the Olympics. The events I was to watch aren't broadcast normally, and watching them on the streaming site sucks, but works. Archery, Judo, and Fencing were what I watched yesterday. Korea is amazing, having never lost the women's team archery event. USA did well in women's Sabre, I saw some of that. The other Fencing matches were kinda screwey, as was Judo. 5 hour blocks with no indication of where or what you're watching until the actual moment it's on is lame. No commentary, either. And horrible too-long replays. Each point takes 1-5 seconds, and the replays were going 7+ seconds, so you missed a point. Meh.

In any case, work is also busy this week, so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have for gaming.

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Friday, August 1st, 2008

04:33 pm   Holly Shite

I did it. Finally. Whew.

Commuted to work via bike this morning, and home this afternoon. A bit over 6 miles each way, 30-40 mins. Going there is harder than coming back. I think I figured out a nice route that doesn't have me in heavy traffic most of the way. I stuck to the sidewalks where I was nervous about rushing drivers or going too slow.

That's one goal for the year off the list. If I keep doing it, though, I might end up in better shape. Or dead.

The only part I didn't really care for was the lack of a shower at work, instead I spent time with paper towels trying to dry off then used deodorant. Not the same thing. My desk fan was very helpful in cooling me off. I did forget a water bottle, so I was very thirsty on either side of the trip.

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Monday, July 28th, 2008

01:40 pm   Up Dat E

Not much new to report. Been working on UT3 achievements, with some help and bots. It's a great version of UT, and a real blast to play. Managed to borrow Avatar for the 2 minutes needed to get the full 1k GS. And I finished Open Season, which was easy enough. There were a few sticking points, and it took a bit of time, but it wasn't bad overall. Jumper, however, sucks ass. It's a horrible, horrible, terrible game. Did I mention it was a bad game? Yes, it is. Sadly, the first half of the points aren't very hard at all to get. It's just that the game is so bad, it's not really worth suffering through. Played Turok (sucks) and Dark Sector (confusing), too.

We tried a new Japanese place the other day, Sushi House. It's about as close to Maido as we've seen here. It's just not up to standards and doesn't have the menu. However, the Unagi Donburi (unadon) was awesome. Service was pretty good, too. The tempura was mostly bland and there was no avocado or banana. Gyoza were overdone and meh. Prices seemed a bit too high, too. And, of course, no takoyaki. So it's.. okay. Maybe if you like sushi more than we do, it would be better.

I bought Pain and Pixel Junk Monsters on the $5 PSN sale. Pain is quite a lot of fun in small doses. (yeah, I said that) I'd be a bit happier if some of the UI was cleaner (the Updates screen is ugly and annoying, the insistence on using controller 1 is stupid, and there's no tracking of how close you are to the (internal) trophies), but it's fun. We tried multiplayer, with mixes results... Bowling is a bit of fun, but I'd been playing the game for the past 2 days, and they hadn't touched it yet, so... yeah. PJM is an interesting twist on a Tower Defense game. It's not the best one I've played, but it's a pretty good console translation of the genre. You have to keep moving to pick up the coins and upgrade/place towers, etc. So it's not quite as relaxing as most TD games. It's fun, and not bad for $5.

I got Samurai Champloo from the library, so I was re-watching it. I want to buy it, but I haven't seen the set reasonably priced yet... I'll wait. Also saw the beginning of Scry-ed and Carnivale. Yeah, I'm buying Carnivale from Amazon for $20 a season. With that, and my recent acquisition of Deadwood seasons 1-3, I've got a backlog of HBO series episodes to watch now.

Mixed results from plugging the 1TB into the PS3 and 360. PS3 took forever to decide that it couldn't read anything. 360 found most of the files, and played most of the ones it found. I was rather hoping the PS3 would perform better. In any case, it makes watching anime a bit easier. I tried Soul Eater, but hated it. Basically went through the list watching a bit here and there of various series, I don't recall if anything looked worth pursuing.

Haha is incoming next week, so I started cleaning. There's lots of cleaning to be done. I've been putting it off, then only doing the minimums. I actually mopped floors the other day. Yeah, I know. Me. Mopping. I'll leave the cat's room for this coming weekend, so it will be fresh. Besides, I need to pick up some litter - Target was out last night.

Work is picking up, but I did schedule my vacation days through the end of the year. I've got a bit next week, then in Sept, then T-day and X-mas/NY breaks. I figure on FL for T-day and the usual trip for X-mas/NY. We'll see. I'm open.

I feel like I've started to get my brain back. For a bit there, I couldn't seem to shake the daily lethargy and blur/fuzziness. Still need to kick up the exercise, and I let the diet slip a bit. Overall, though, not doing too bad. I'm seriously considering signing up for basic fencing at the local college just to try to ease back into it.

Oh, got some tea from the owner of the Chinese place. He had it brought back by a relative from their last trip home or something like that. It's supposed to be brewed extra hot. I don't know when we'll get around to trying it, though.

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

02:53 pm   Gears

I was greeted with a surprise Fri night...

Marcus Fenix

Locust Drone

That's right, Gears of War figures.

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

02:29 pm   Games

Yeah, another game bargain grab.... between the 20% on already Clearance-marked items at TRU and the 25% off stackable coupon with the 10% off Edge card at GS, I have a couple more games now.

Kengo Legend of the 9
Pimp My Ride
The Club
Guitar Hero Aerosmith (was a present)
College Hoops 2K7
Fuzion Frenzy 2
Winning 11 PES 07
Open Season
NHL 07 (accidental dupe)
Earth Defense Force 2057
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol (half price at Target on Clearance)

Parappa The Rapper
Every Extend Extra
Harvest Moon Boy Girl
Innocent Life Fantasy Harvest Moon

Everything from TRU was under $10

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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

02:46 pm   Ball Cache Sagan

Fri boss had tickets they couldn't use to the ballgame, so we went. Not a bad game, and the fireworks after were nice. Traffic getting out was horrible.

Sat, got up early and went to a geocaching breakfast. Horrible catering, wasn't much for me to eat. Played a bit of frisbee, then went caching. Ended up in a small group and got 3, then we realized we hadn't brought water so we headed home. Napped.

Sun, watched the Cosmos marathon. Fun. Carl Sagan had a very interesting speech pattern. I thought he seemed much happier in the early ones.

Also did some stuff around the place, cleaning/organizing/etc. Got rid of the old/huge TV and box finally. Started gathering stuff to bring with on the trip.

I ended up re-installing the entire laptop, I finally got fed up with it being buggy for no apparent reason. Found that some of the software I'd purchased but not activated was waiting patiently for me to active before the license period started, which was nice.

Trip should be good for caching, I hope. I went to the free knife sharpening today and got my old blue butterfly back in shape. Also went ahead and got the maps for the 60CSx, I figure they'll be worth it on the trip. Found a cheaper price online, but with the trip imminent, figured local was better overall.

Actually found a bunch of geocoins I never activated, so did that this morning. Also been working on PQs for the trip. Should be ready in time. Would be nice if the nav in the Jeep supported them, too.

We're going to try to scale back slightly on this trip as far as the mass of stuff we're bringing. I'm leaving the games backpack at home with GH and RB. We're still bringing a 360 in the vague hope I can find WiFi and a TV to keep my 360 streak going. With the PDAs, GPSrs, DSs, and PSPs, I think we'll be set. Some gifts if I can remember to pack (and find) them, too.

It will be a relief to be on vacation. As usual, all the prep is getting to me. Anticipation and all that. Making sure I've got all the stuff I want/need for what we're going to be doing, etc.

The Axim died, so I had the scrounge for a backup. Got it restored and in working order for caching this morning. I'm thinking I may go ahead and uninstall most of the other stuff since I pretty much don't use the thing for anything else.

Firefox 3 rocks. Just need a couple more plugins to catch up, and I'm set.

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

09:20 am   Why XBLA Is Sucking

Hello, rant-flag. XBLA De-Listing.

Uh, what? Let me get this straight - you are saying that because the Marketplace navigation sucks, you're going to stop making money on XBLA games? That's what it sounds like to me.

If Marketplace is too confusing to navigate, then fix Marketplace. This de-listing stuff seems like both a bad move and a cop out. The games are there, if they are accessible then they will have purchases - making money. Who cares if it is only one purchase for 400 points every few months - last I checked, 10-250MB of storage was cheap. The whole point to XBLA was to have these games around and available for people to purchase whenever they felt like it.

Even discounting the games, having some sort of fire sale, would be a better idea than having them not available. In fact, I would purchase crappy games I didn't much enjoy if they were cheap enough. For some of these games, the price point is too high for the entertainment they provide - fixing that would spur more purchases. As an example, RocketMen is a crappy game (Even though I love the CSG and universe). For 800 points, I'll never get it. For 400 points, I'll think seriously about it. For 200 points, I'll get it if I have the points. For 80 points, I'll go out and buy 1600 points just to get it.

Another idea, as previously mentioned, would be to bundle games and DLC together. Say, RocketMen + DLC + Themes + GamerPics + Joust for 800 points, and I'll be tempted. 400 points, and I'm sold. Even mix it up a bit, Rez + Band of Bugs DLC + Themes + Gamerpics for 800 points and I start to see value. 400 points, and I'm there. This would allow all underperforming Games/Themes/GamerPics/DLC to be bundled and MAKE MONEY rather than sitting there unotuched. And, better than delisting, it's all still there ready to make money 24/7/365.

One of the big PR points is the sheer number of XBLA games available, and now you're saying you want to reduce that number? This makes no sense at all. Sure, there are crap games. There are always crap games. The thing is, they have already been made. They are out there. People will wander buy and buy them on occasion. I find it very hard to believe that removing them is cheaper than discounting them, bundling them, separating them, or otherwise having them available in some form. That whole "Long Tail" thing needs to be kept in mind. You still have new users coming onto the platform, ready to buy games.

Goodbye, rant-flag.


In other news, TMBG was pretty good. I was hoping for more, but that many years of expectation builds things up very high. We sat up above on the side and parked right across the street, so it was good to get there so early. Opening act was boring, everyone I saw was pretty restless during it. Everything was a bit late getting started. The way the setlist was constructed was confusing to me, it started ok with Dr Worm, then completely lost momentum for me. It kept doing that - up and down, up and down. The end was definitely an up, though. I can't believe they played Figertips - it was a trip to hear/see it live. The only song I really wanted to hear that I didn't was Anna Ng. Overall, good show.

Target has 1600 MS Points cards for $15 ($5 off). So we went and got some. I also picked up 3 new 360 games, $10, $10, and $12. I forget the titles offhand.

I watched the How It's Made marathon yesterday. I won the GamerScore challenge Sun. Blazing Angels is fun. Shrek is glitchy as hell. NBA 2K6 was a one-game Achievement Unlocked 5 for 1000g.

Bah, work.

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Saturday, May 17th, 2008

09:37 am   It Was A Sale

Yeah... Found a sale at the Evil WM.

25 Games, $491Collapse )

FIFA gets me the Launch King badge on x360v. The rest pad out my 360 collection, although one or two I've been wanting to get/play anyway.

WE went to a couple other stores before this, and didn't find much. Good thing.

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

08:49 am   Irony

We went and saw Iron Man last night. I thought it was pretty good. There were a couple moments that got to me, took me out of the SoD. The worst was the iron mask being found. Look, it's shown, demonstrated even, to be heavy. HEAVY. So why would one guy hand it to another like it was cardboard? And the second person, receiving it, holds it between 3 fingers along the bottom edge? Um, no?

Anyway, I've been feeling blah still. Vegged, didn't really play anything much. Crashed early, took pills, woke up int he middle of the night to take another, and slept in a little.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

07:45 am   Handy Flasher

Went to be part of the World Wide Flash Mob on Sat. Was kinda interesting. Very nice that it was such a short event, as most of those events drag on too long. Got a free pill bottle cache complete with log paper. Also picked up another quick find we didn't get to last time we were in the park. Took us WAY too long for a 1.5/1.5. We're out of practice.

Spent some time being somewhat handy. I'd been ignoring some minor maintenance for too long. Switched some light bulbs, including ones in the garage using the Jeep as a stepladder. Thankfully, I have a sunroof. Also got the Jeep washed, then RainXed, Windexed, and Armor-Alled it. Put the new sticker on my plate, too.

Evidently I need to call support for the bike rack. I continually tire of company sites with email support that consists of waiting a few days for them to tell you to call in.

Got a couple new games, some of which aren't in hand yet.
Lost Odyssey
Juiced 2
All-Pro Football 2K8
Mario Kart (not my choice)

Want to go see TMBG, as I've wanted to for something like 10 years now... Maybe more. No one else local seems to want to go. Oh well, I'll go myself if I have the energy.

Almost went to the doc yesterday, was feeling pretty awful. Ended up looking for a new doc, and by the time I found one that was close, in-network, and accepting patients, I felt well enough to not go. I still may look up a dentist. Kinda feels like one of my back fillings is out or something.

Played lots of ShadowRun on Sat. Was fun, got a bunch of harder achievements. Most of what is left is grinding. Bah, 100 kills achievements are BORING. I'm hoping Gears of War 2 gets away from that. The new footage looks good, and I have a pre-order on it.

I'm kinda ambivalent about Haze since playing the demo. 4 player co-op is good, but the demo level reminded me of Halo 3, which is a bad thing. Then again, I haven't cared for the first look at most of the shooters I've played... I end up loving some of them later, though.

I lost another gamerscore challenge. Same guy as last week. Same way. He stays up later than me and gets a bunch of quick points. No big deal, really. I was hoping I had it this time, though. I finished off all that is possible on NBA Live 06. It still galls me that EA shuts those servers down - other launch games are still going strong online. If you're going to have an online-only achievement, then the game needs to stay online longer than a year.

Looks like GTA IV has started to stall a bit. I see more other games being played on my friends list now. In fact, the other day no one was playing it for some time. I'll get back to it at some point. I'm probably going to finish Scene It this week, as they did the other day. The sequel has been announced - what happened to DLC? Also, the Viva Pinata sequel was announced, and I don't think I can stomach that. Still burned out from the 1K on the first one. We'll see. I also will probably put some time into finishing Lego Bionicle. What a grind-fest. I'm continuing through Mass Effect a second time to pick up achievements there, too. And, of course, there's still the huge backlog.

I'll probably end up getting all the older sports games, too. If GS has another 25% off 360 games coupon, I definitely will be getting some more titles I normally wouldn't buy. In fact, I may go for the complete domestic 360 collection (with a couple of exceptions that I absolutely refuse to buy at this point). I'd rather not even get started on imports.

Oh yeah, Earthbound is supposedly coming to the VC. If it does, I'll get it. I don't know what happened to the save game I had when I played it the first time, so I may as well start over. Nothing else appeals to me on the Wii.

This week is bike commuter week, and work is opening the showers and lockers to riders. I went to pump up the tires the other day when I was doing maintenance, and either my compressor is b0rked or my tubes are both shot. Or both, I suppose. Had the rack worked, I would have carted them over to get serviced. As it is, I'll probably not bike commute for another few weeks. I've been moving slowly on some of these things.

Oh, that rebate check from the projector appears to have been cashed auto-magically. I love how the one branch wouldn't cash it in person, but I ATMed it at another branch, and it worked fine.

Some time in the past month, I found that Kongregate has Achievements. Kinda neat, has quite a lot of the nifty flash games (most of which you'll also find elsewhere) but with achievements. They also have some kind of CCG that you can play eventually, and there's a card available each week by playing certain games and getting past certain points. Watch the firewalls, though... If you can't see the chat, the achievements won't unlock. They'll grant them via emailed screenshots, but that's a temporary fix not really a long term solution. It's still a nice place to play with achievements added.

Monday, May 5th, 2008

09:16 am   Sleep, On The Missing Of

I dare say that the GTA IV launch was not a good idea. Firstly, it was boring. They didn't have anything to do but stand in line or pre-pay. Secondly, there weren't many people there. Third, it completely screwed my sleep for the week.

I don't know if I've recovered still. I did have some issues with sleep before that day, but it got worse the rest of last week. Oh well.

GTA, on first blush, is a very fun and interesting game. However, once you get into it a bit you discover that it is very shallow. Wide, but shallow. It's like they tried to pack every damn thing into the game, so they couldn't spend time making any piece very good at all. If you just like to run around and blow shit up (Hi, GoofyRobo), then you're golden. Free mode with friends means you can all grab RPGs and go at it. In fact, the MP experience has a lot to offer, but it's all shallow. Kind of like the Wii - great for a few minutes now and then with friends, otherwise don't bother.

SP is boring and repetitive and annoying and repetitive and repetitive. Difficulty comes by the number of gang members in a location that you have to solo, the speed at which they escape, and your wanted level after you waste them all (which brings in more cops). The missions themselves are the same thing over and over. Go across the map, kill someone and their thugs, then escape the police and give me a call to do it again. Yawn.

What is even more annoying is the dating/friends simulations. You get calls from all your contacts to 'hang out' all the freaking time. Doesn't matter where or when it is, they'll call. Then you have an hour (game time, which is sped up by some random value) to pick them up. If you decline, they're pissed. If you take too long, they're pissed. If you don't take them to an activity they enjoy, they're pissed. If you don't take them home when they're ready to go, they're pissed. In fact, they're even pissed at some random times for no apparent reason.

I don't see playing this for an extended amount of time, and I'm pretty sure it will wear off all around fairly soon. It's worth playing for a bit, I greatly enjoyed the helicopter and boat races for variety, and the Cops n Crooks mode was a blast with friends. Overall, though, I'd rather by playing something else than grind through this for much longer.


I'm surprised by TDU, I have to take it back to the library today... And I'm disappointed at having to do so. It wasn't very good at first, but the more I played, the more I enjoyed it. Getting a better car was part of it - the Ferrari I have now is fun to drive. Anyway, I'm trying for a couple more achievements after work today, then it's going back. I'll look out for it on sale and prolly pick it up.


Had a very unpleasant experience at TRU yesterday. I had heard that there was a % off clearance items sale, so we went over to check out the VG section. I found some OK deals, in a bin marked 50% off. Also found SSG2 for the Wii marked as $15 in the same bin. Oh, and MotoGP 07 was in a spot marked $9.90. So we take all that up there, and I see the price on the first item was higher than expected, so I ask about it. I'm informed that the discounts will be applied at the end. Ok. So the total comes to ~$75. I was expecting ~$40, tops. The guy says MotoGP was $24 instead, so I have to go show him the price thing. Yeah, the price thing says MotoGP 06 $9.90 - and MotoGP 07 is all that's in there. Fine, take that one off. Total was $44. I pay, then they go to get the Wii game, and the guy says "Oh, this isn't discounted, it's the price showing." So we decline that. I grab the receipt from my stuff, and NOTHING was 50% off. Most were 20-30% off. I tell the guy, and he says "uhh.." then starts checking out the next person, So we end up walking over to Customer Service. The guy there goes back to check in the VG section, then calls on the radio to ask about it, looks at his screen, thinks for a bit.... Then says, "Ok, the bin is UP TO 50% off, that's why the prices are different." And I say "That's BS, you guys need to mark your prices better, return them all." Annoying, I'm not going to play "guess the price." It's a freaking store, mark your CURRENT prices ON THE ITEMS BEING SOLD.


Work has been picking up a bit. Evidently, I'm the person first in line for all the new stuff this release. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to test this app. Looks like I might be making progress, so I'm going to work on it now.

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Monday, April 28th, 2008

09:26 am   Midnight Lunches

I believe I am going to take a nap after work, in preparation of attending a midnight GTA launch. Not because I want to play the game that bad - I'll probably end up not playing until after work tomorrow. No, it's just to get out to the event and be part of it. I'm not sure what's going on yet, but so far the plan is to head out to the store before it closes to pick up NFS:MW and see what the plan is, then head home and chill for a couple hours before returning. I don't need to be first in line - indeed, I don't really need to stand in line at all - I have my pre-order.

I've been having trouble sleeping the past few days anyway, so perhaps this will help reset the clock.

I won the Auto Challenge I was in. There was some annoyance when it started, as I had just gotten 800-some points in Madden 08 the two days prior. I ended up working to finish that, then make decent progress on some other games I'd been putting off, like Mass Effect and COD4. I also put more time into TDU, which has been getting better the more I play.

I don't know if I mentioned the games I picked up last week or not. The GS 25% off coupon came in very handy to acquire:
* Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (2nd copy)
* NBA 2K6
* Tiger Woods 06
* NBA Live 06 (guy gave me a new copy)
* Stuntman Ignition
* Far Cry Instincts Predator

Which leaves 2 Launch games left, NFS:MW and FIFA06:RTFWC. One is located, the other... We'll see. I'm actually having quite a bit of fun mixing the older games in with the newer. Some of the achievements are cake, while others are long, boring, difficult grind-fests.

I'm a bit fried today due to the aforementioned lack of sleep. Oh, I've been playing Onslaught2, which is probably the best TD game I've played so far.

If I can get my head back into the code, I'll get some website work done. I really want to get some of them back in shape, and others up and running. Lack of Graphic Design skills mean I'm relying on free templates. But, as none of them are providing any real income thus far, it doesn't seem worth it to pay someone for the work. Which reminds me, I need to make new backups. That account deletion episode hurt more than I realized at the time - I'm still trying to rebuild pieces here and there.

The Rock Band battle is over. We may have gotten 3rd or 4th place, depending on who all reported scores this week. Last week we lucked into 3rd from last since several bands didn't report scores. We'll definitely be in last place of those who reported scores each week. We only had 3 people for the last scores, but we managed something.

I know I'm forgetting things. I'll leave it there.

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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

10:48 am   It's Not An Addiction!

I can stop buying toys and games any time. Unless there's a sale. Or something really neat. Or something really neat on sale.

 There's something new here.


 I went out and got a couple more games and a new toy last night....



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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

09:01 am   SubtleT

Ok, I know I developed a reputation at one point for being subtle and sarcastic in my humor.

Lately, it just seems like I'm not finding people who appreciate whatever my current humor mode is.

Example 1:
1337 CH CM

For the humor impairedCollapse )

Example 2:

For the humor impairedCollapse )

Soo.... It's not just me, right? Right?

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

10:32 am   Toys, Toys, Toys..... Toys!

First, let's actually see the games.

Games being organized.

UMD and PSP on shelf, in back.

360 games lined up.

Adding the 360 games to the shelf.

Added the PS2 and some PS1 games to the shelf.


Now, onto the new toy.

I went from

Panasonic 42" Plasma
entertainment center

It was a nice deal from BB. $1100 to start. Adding the $150 installation took $300 off the price. And there's a $200 rebate. So, about $820 after tax. Not bad. I could have gotten one closer to the one I really want (which is $3K) by spending twice as much, but I figured this would do for a secondary display. I still need to figure out switching/multiplexing.

The delivery took about 2 mins, after the 5 phone calls over the weekend. The installation was a separately-scheduled thing, which was dumb. It was also not worth the price. The guy came in, unboxed it, helped me move the tube to the floor (where it still sits - anyone interested in it?), set it up on the stand, moved it to the entertainment center, and plugged in the inputs I specified. I then turned each console on in turn while he manned the remote (lots of work, there) to switch inputs. Everything worked except cable, to which he shrugged and said "oh well, anything else before I go?" and left. Total time was about 20 mins. No calibration, no detailed setup process, just the absolute minimum.

It was quite the surprise when they came over and saw it. In any case, it works well, has a nice bright, vivid picture, and is plenty good for using when the projector isn't suitable or for multitasking\dual play.

And... I hit 22,222 gamerscore.


I was playing DDRU2 and saw that I was at 22,202. The either of the next 2 achievements I was trying for would get me 20 more, so I went for it. Took quite a few tries to get that challenge completed, but I did it and then stopped for the night.

We ended up playing a little Burnout Paradise online, where I helped but did not drive. Then some Rock Band.


There we have it.

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Sunday, April 13th, 2008

04:54 pm   Games List

We just spent some time doing a fresh catalog including most of my games.

Games ListCollapse )

And yes, it has to do with my meeting yesterday. All friendly-challenge-like.

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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

08:51 am   Pics Cards Scroll

Death Note Wall Scroll

I finally have some pics up to show off....

Uncut picturesCollapse )

So... yeah. A bunch of cards, etc. I haven't opened a bunch of it still, some of it wasn't mine. Haven't taken pictures of all of it yet. I need more boxes to organize. And time devoted to doing so. I have checklist spreadsheets, but still need to work out the DB and scripts.

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Monday, April 7th, 2008

01:17 pm   Knew No Taxes

I did the improbable.. my own taxes. I used one of the irs.gov recommended online tax thingies (technical term). Total cost was $14 and some time. Not bad at all, considering last year's was $200. And I eFiled, already got the confirmation emails back that fed and state were both accepted, and should have my returns direct deposited at some point soon. All in all, not too bad. I tried using the paper forms, something I do not recommend. It did help work out some of the numbers, but I mostly used my copy of last year's for guidance.

We saw Horton..., it was okay. And 10,000, which wasn't. Also went to a soccer game, which would have been a bit more fun if we weren't high the bleachers with a strong chilly wind nearly constantly blowing on us. It still wasn't bad.

I spent some time organizing and checklisting cards, so I'm going to have to input all that into spreadsheets and/or my upcoming online DB. It will be nice to have that, but it's a bit more work than I recall. I watching some various TV shows and misc videos, the only new thing of interest was Bus Gamer, which may end up being something worth keeping track of.

I'm in a Battle of the Bands in Rock Band between LAG, LeMed, and some other site(s). I'm evidently leading the 2nd LAG band, but we haven't even decided on instruments yet. I'll probably end up on vocals. Still Alive is a blast to play, BTW.

I finished Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 already, although there are quite a few achievements left. I went back and played some more R6V, and even some COD3 for variety. fun stuff.

It was such a nice day yesterday that I opened the windows. I even went so far as to unbox my hitch and determine that I won't be installing it by myself. Also did laundry and dishes. It was productive and relaxing.

Today, work. Not too bad, just finishing up some scripting and attempting to start tests some time today. Did some Burnout Paradise over lunch. CH later. RB tomorrow night.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

02:36 pm   Colours

I watched Terry Pratchett's Colour Of Magic last night. In short, it is worth seeing. After the rocking Hogfather, however, it was a letdown.

The worst parts for me were the actor re-use in different character roles and the lack of actors in same role between them. Add to that the Patrician (plus associated scenes) seemed wholly wrong to me, and I wasn't fond of Rincewind to begin with. However, Twoflower and the Librarian (even with the re-use) were good and Cohen was near-perfect (only lacking in the occasional LOOK). Death was off. Tim Curry was a surprise.

It has been awhile since I read this and the other Rincewind books, so I won't vouch for accuracy. The story pretty much worked, although there were some rough spots I didn't care for.

I would like to see Mort, the ones where Vimes is the main character, and my favorites - Soul Music and Good Omens... If they're done up to Hogfather spec.

In any case, I'm sure I'll go ahead and buy it next year when it comes out on disc here.


AFD has been interesting, with Google, Blizzard, and ThinkGeek winning from what I've seen. The MS one was lame. Kotaku's cake thing was interesting, and there were a few others that were okay.


Got Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for about $40 used, someone had already traded it in for some reason. Wow, did that grab me. I've been working on getting through the story mode so far, with some MP definitely in the future, as it's the hot LAG game right now. I had been playing COD4 again, but I'll probably go back to R6V1 after this.


I know there's more, but I'm lacking in mental forefrontness at the moment. I think we're seeing Horton Hears A Who tonight after Chinese, then 10,000 BC on Thurs.. Maybe after Thai.

Oh, Taxes are still coming along... I remember now why I have other people do them for me usually. Still Alive was released today as free DLC for Rock Band, which I hope to have a chance to play tonight. We did play the free DLC for Guitar Hero III the other night, which was neat. And we've been opening cards and organizing them - more work than I remembered. I still need to finish checklisting them.

Off to a meeting.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2008

08:09 am   Mort Or Ium?

I agree that the biz is getting in the way of the community, so I'll make no big sacrifice by not posting tomorrow. Fridays are bad for comments, anyway.

We bought Beck last night at BB. The vol 1 kit that looks like an amp? $15. Vols 3 and 4? $10 each. Vol 2? $20. WTF? We asked, waited, and were finally given Vol 2 for $10 as well. 5 and 6 were $20, so not sure if I want to play the waiting game on them or just keep them. 15, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20. That's $85 for all of beck, with the guitar picks and amp, etc. Not great, and I'm sure there will be a slimpack soon for $40, but much better than initial retail was.

Also, Microcenter appears to have bought out some CompUSA clearance stuff. I may go back for some case fans, but all I found otherwise was a USB PCMCIA adapter for RedneckNinja and some CD sleeves just to help with disc transport.

The CCG orders appear to be processing, so I expect a boatload of cards in next week. I really need to get rid of the older MTG cards and such to make room at some point. Need to note to self on that one.

Still haven't approached taxes. I figure I'll give in next week and at least bring the documents to look over.

Set up remote play PSP->PS3. It's neat. I need to reset my firewall and set up the ports for it to work outside my place, but the ability to lay in bed and watch video from the PC through the PS3 on the PSP is neat. I suppose I'll try playing Lair at some point. Now, if I could just use that connection to organize my files....

Oh yeah, I found a DB backup that I restored so the Pirates stuff is back up. Out of date, since Revolution was the last one in there. But I don't have to start from scratch. I'm slowly getting back into working on the websites.

If the weather can stay a bit warmer, I'm going to try to put the hitch on the Jeep. This may not end well. I've seen the bicycles starting to come out more often, and I want to at least commute to work and back once on my bike. The hitch/rack will make the midnight ride a bit easier, as well. I just need to keep reminding myself of these points and get to it.

Had a couple late nights, so I'm a bit drifty. I'm hoping I can grind through these last couple days and relax on the weekend. With a reset over the weekend, maybe I can get into the taxes on Mon, and carry momentum into other projects during the week.

There are still a few domain issues, and some DBs to set up, but I did find some other data backups from my sites that I should be able to restore. I'm annoyed with myself that I could have had these up right after the incident. Ah well, as long as they come back, I didn't lose everything. And a backup scheme would be good to iron out.

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Monday, March 17th, 2008

12:19 pm   EmpT Tank

I was forced to fill up this morning. 13.1 gallons. I have a 13.5 gallon tank. MPG estimate was about 17.6, as I recall. That's only a 7 mile buffer. It's nice to know the limits of this new vehicle.

We did some cleaning this weekend. I ended up rediscovering a tax return check for ~$120. Good thing I did, it expires a year after issue.

I deposited that plus some other cash from various payments at the bank before lunch. Not bad, I think I may be able to afford some CCGs after all. Or I could save it for when I figure out what I owe on taxes. And I'm pretty sure that I'll owe.

As the tax person last year disappointed me, I think I'll try it myself this year. It will be the first time in quite some time, if ever, that I will brave the task. In actuality, I'll end up buying software or something. I notice that my CC now offers PDFs of statements from the past year, instead of me having to have them mail them to me like last year. I hope this makes things easier.... A CSV file would work better.

There's rain today. It was a bit cold earlier, now it's not quite so bad. After the bank and Chinese for lunch, I had time and didn't want to go home to spend 5 minutes before I had to leave again. I went to La Boutique De La Target. Lots of stuff on clearance. Lots. Nothing interesting in the pitiful CCG section. Viva Pinata Party Animals for $15 in the VG section. Otherwise, the usual various things from each section I passed. I saw some people doing the scangun thing, probably for a wedding. One of them was obviously dominant, as the other's playful suggestions were rebuffed with derision.

We found the Brazil GCs. They were right where they should have been - in plain sight on the desk. Under the piles of receipts, junk mail, and other stuff that appears to accumulate on any horizontal surface around me. So we have a date before they expire at the end of the month to go. We'll probably make an evening of it again.

I'm not sure what is going on this week. Should be pretty dead, but I thought that about last week and it wasn't. This will be the first full week of the LAG theme nights, so there's always that. Oh, DDRU2 was a disappointment. I don't know if it's me or DDR, but I don't have nearly as much fun playing those any more. The few songs I thought would be fun were not at all. I'm sure we'll play through more of it at some point.

Put the Death Note wall scroll up, it looks good. It looked better when I was holding it up and the light from the kitchen made it glow. So much detail that it's hard to see on the wall. The bag also seemed to work well, plenty of room.

We tried FFCC and I, at least, hated it. We played the multiplayer, both of the quests available. We failed one for some reason, and the other we played twice with the result of "thanks for playing" game over. Not fun at all. I'm due for a look at gamefaqs to see what's up with that. I'm almost to level 40 in the first FF on PSP, so I think I can brave the next crystal's guardian again. Last time was around 5 levels ago, and I got annihilated.

The whole TP AZ thing is interesting. I hope the contributions of him and the fans truly help the cause and perhaps save him from that fate. We'll see. If I had $5K I thought I could spare, I'd figure out how to bid on the Luggage from across the sea. That's a neat set. I didn't realize Colour Of Magic was being given the Hogfather treatment, and I hope it comes out nearly as well. I hope there's no year wait for it to come over here this time.

I'm torn on donations for causes. I feel that I should do something in Chichi's name, if anything. But AZ doesn't really relate. BUT TP is one of my fav authors. But I don't care to give money blindly. But, but but. Excuses, meh. Maybe I'll talk with Haha about it.

I think I'll go back to occupying myself until I can bolt out of here at the earliest opportunity.

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Saturday, March 15th, 2008

04:52 pm   Brawlin

So, no big surprise, I lost the tournament. Kinda surprised I made it to the second round, but I had a bye. Characters were random, I got Seamus. Opponent had Yoshi. Oh well. In good news, found Phantom Dust and Crimson Skies, total was under $8 for both.

They picked me up a Death Note wall scroll, and got a messenger bag. WE also got some cheap YuGiOh tins to use as card boxes. The Maple Story cards were fun to get, we have to send some in because only 8 in some of the packs, and missing code cards.

I'm probably about to spend quite too much money on old card games, but it's really a bargain compared to what the prices used to be.

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Monday, March 10th, 2008

10:34 am   Brawler

CMorrigu SSBB Tournament Trophy

So, I went to GameStop to deliver Tea to my friend Sat night. The night of the SSBB release. They suggested I enter the tournament. I figured what the heck, I'll just play it for the 30 seconds it will take for one of the high schoolers to beat me then I'll be done. I didn't like the game at all on GC.

I won the first round. Ok, no big deal. And the second. Just lucky, I mean the game is new and no one has played it, right? And the third. Hmm, well, I'm sure the people at this level have studied some moves lists and/or played the other one to death, right? Beginner's luck, must be. And the semifinal. Ok, that was wild. Grade school kid was good with Samus. Ok, the final - I watched this guy play with Meta Knight, and he seemed pretty good. Shook hands before we started, just to be nice. I was sure I'd lose. And I won the final. Wow.

So I get a cheesy trophy and am invited to play round 2 (of 5) at another local shop. I was stunned. I have people coming up to me wanting to see the trophy and talk about it. They seem surprised that I didn't pre-order the game, or even have plans to buy it. I'm not trying to be aloof, I'm still shocked it happened. I'm happy as-is, but they want me to play the next round on Sat. We'll see.

Also watched V for Vendetta, which struck me much more powerfully than the trade did. I think that's a BR buy. Played some Mass Effect, which I completed but am a little annoyed that I didn't get more achievements in. Some Burnout Revenge, Final Fantasy, and TF2 pretty much completed the weekend for games. I did buy 5 games for $25 at Sears on clearance - Rumble Roses XX, WTF, Gangs of London, Dark Stalkers, MGS Portable Ops.

Hit up eBay. Bad idea. VERY bad idea. Ordered 1 box of each set of Maple Story to split, and am looking at more Clout, Rocketmen, and Hecatomb. If anyone is interested in going in on any of that, let me know. I'm on the edge of getting stuff I probably won't play much, if ever. Then again, it would be neat to have a little stock for sealed decks when I'm on vacation.

DST sucks. DST is a stupid idea. DST doesn't do what it's supposed to. There are better ways of accomplishing it. DST sucks. DST needs to go. Maybe I should move to AZ.

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Saturday, March 8th, 2008

09:36 am   Mass Effect

I just finished the first playthrough of Mass Effect. I'm satisfied, it was a good game that kept the pace up. Looks like at least 2 more playthroughs for all the achievements, not including the DLC.

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

10:31 am   Nese

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we went to George's place on Fri night. Dressed up, etc. It was a nice time, even though the others at the table were somewhat annoying. The cook had some egg issues, which were amusing. We tried the over the shoulder shrimp toss, which didn't go well. I'm used to having more time. In any case, it was a nice evening. We did a bit of shopping after.

Also put the higher thread count sheets on, which make a bit of difference. Oh, and got the skirt going, too. Still need to get rid of the old TV and its freakin huge box, but the bedroom is coming along nicely.

I haven't been playing much, just keeping my streak going. I've been more into reading lately, which is kinda nice but my eyes have felt it here and there.

Hmm, right. Found PSP batteries on clearance got TRU, so got a few. Just need a cheap memstick to use with one for the recovery feature. Then I can play Patapon on my slim. It's an interesting game, kind of frustratingly hands-off while almost keeping a micromanagement feel. I got most of the way through the demo, so I want to go back and complete that for the reward item.

I think I found the version of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster that I've been looking for, but I'm going to try to find samples of a few other mixes just to be sure.

I think I may stay at work for lunch to avoid the weather. Maybe I'll hit the store on the way home for food and vitamins.

I wonder about cleaning the projector, I can see dust building up. Doesn't appear to have affected the image too much yet.

I think I may have lost my gift cards to Brazil. That's not good, since they expire this month. I'm pretty sure I had them on my last trip, I just don't know where they went after that.

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08:40 am   Skipping

Looks like I skipped another week. To be fair, it was pretty high stress at work - our project was wrapping up.

I ordered the bike rack and hitch, so they should be in... well, perhaps by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to being able to cart bikes around easily. Still need to look for the tint, though.

It was an amazing weather weekend. 60+ degrees, if a bit windy. We went up to StJ to MG to play ITG, DDR, etc. I want a PnM Fever machine - it has pretty much all the songs in it. Played some anime themes on ITG, did one round of DDR, had a free PPP round, wore ourselves out on DMX, and had fun with KBM. The usual, plus some random other games. Went to Dave's for dinner and had quite possibly THE slowest service ever, and it wasn't particularly good either. Food was, though. I went ahead and had the cornbread, figuring the exercise made up for the slip. There's not much else I'd eat there as far as sides. We ended up going back afterwards to use the rest of the tokens. It wasn't a bad trip at all, better than the long drive to other locations.

We got back and finally moved the old bed out to the dumpster. It was a bit of a pain, but with the nice weather we couldn't pass up the chance. I was dead tired after. Oh, we stopped at a couple other stores, and ended up using a coupon at Target for some Pirates and Maple Story cards.

Yesterday was a complete veg day. Didn't leave the place, even though the weather was nice. Low on food, so have to restock today.

I'm tying to concentrate on occupying my brain since it'll be slow at work for a bit. I have yet to recover from the data wipe, so I've decided to put some time towards recreating what was lost. I'll also need to do some backups, just in case. I've got Fri off, which is notice day.

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Monday, February 18th, 2008

12:16 pm   Bras Ill

We went to Brazil on Fri for dinner. We had reservations, but they stuck us on a dinky lopsided table that seemed to be out of place and temporary. The service was not nearly as good as it had been with the one waiter we know somewhat. They were trying seafood out, which was different. The dessert streak was finally broken - neither of us felt like we could handle any more food. Stopped by BB, then went home to watch some Planet Earth. I had to be on calls for work before and after dinner, which was pretty annoying.

Sat was for sleeping in and more annoying work crap. Ended up having to go in around 1. I had forgotten about the PUG, so I headed there after work. Then I decided I had put off shopping long enough, so I went to the store. I barely made it to the can, illness hit hard. I felt well enough after to complete shopping, though I grabbed a bunch of drugs just in case.

I know I tried to sleep early, but I ended up with insomnia. For some reason, I didn't take any drugs though. I finally got to sleep around 4am.

Obviously, I slept in Sun. I vegged most of the day. They brought me Panera for dinner, and we watched some Rattle & Hum and Trinity Blood, then I went to bed. Took a pill this time, and it worked. I woke up around 4am, and didn't get much more sleep. Had to drag myself in to work.

Boss is out today, so there's a bit less pressure. Things weren't working very well this morning, but seem to have automagically resolved themselves over lunch.

I still haven't had the concentration to play much in the way of games. I do a round of Culdcept Saga here and there to build cards for a decent deck, and maybe a puzzle game or two on the DS, but that's it.

I'm hoping to clear out the old bed and complete the new bed setup stuff tonight. The CC bill came in for the projector, bedding, and bed. Ouch.

Ordered a new phone for Haha.

Annnnnd... back to work.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

09:00 am   Illin

So I took a half day Mon, went home for lunch and stayed there. Stayed home yesterday. Looks like I finally got sick enough to do so - I don't think I had to do that the whole past year. Basically, it was coughing too much that caused it. And the cold air going to/from work made it worse. Added to the general blah feeling I had and the lack of sleep... yeah.

I didn't do much - I vegged, but didn't really play or do anything much that was exciting. I'm getting a bit more used to the new bed. I like it quite a bit, it has a different feel to it and is quite comfortable. The comforter doesn't fit very well, though. It's short one direction or the other, even though it's supposedly sized correctly. This bed is 12" wider and 4" longer than my previous one. The length is a bit hard to tell, but I do notice that I don't have to have my head crammed against the wall all the time so my feet don't hang off. There seems to be plenty on width, and I can stretch out pretty well without dangling off the sides.

We're still watching Planet Earth, which still rocks in BR. Finally started (re-) watching Death Note. I'm really getting back into the intricacies of the story, and remembering some of the upcoming events. I hope to stick with it and finish it off this time.

I thought I had something else to mention, but I'm still a bit fried.

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Friday, February 8th, 2008

01:35 pm   DN HS

Oh, and...

Holy Shit, Death Note Live Action exists?!?!?

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12:29 pm   Texas Sucked

So we went to Texas for my "perfect meal" and it was the worst experience we've had there, ever.

To start things off, the dozen or so people around the hostess stand were chatting and not paying attention for longer than necessary. Then we got seated at a table that was very dirty - it was so bad, it had dust bunnies. The floor was probably cleaner.

We order, and the waitress does well. I was slightly concerned that she didn't write our order down, as I know I don't order standard fare. We sit and wait, and everything seems fine. The waitress is doing pretty well with keeping my water supplied (a true measure of service, IMO), so we're not overly concerned.

Then our dinners arrive. It looks like a steak instead of the pork chop I ordered and there's no sauce, which the pork chop comes with. The food runner asks us to cut into them to check and I say "sure, but I ordered a pork chop." That stuns them for a second, then they take it and a discussion with the waitress ensues.

The waitress comes by to apologize, then a manager. Fine, fine. We're not in a hurry, and I'm not really doing too bad - I'm just a bit hungry. Then chop comes out, all is fine, right? I cut into it - and it's not done all the way through. So we send that one back, waitress apologizes 2-3 times, and the manager comes by to apologize and comp my part of the dinner.

So it was a bad experience, but they did what they could to make it right. I like the place well enough to go back, but it was the worst experience we've had there.


Speaking of food, George's wife was at CNY and said hi to us and that they haven't seen us in awhile, but Luna and Morphine evidently go all the time.


I had an 11 hours of sleep night last night. Crashed around 7, up around 6. I'm still not feeling well now. It looks as if I may be able to head home soon, since nothing is really working right now.


I've finally been able to play a bit of Culdcept Saga. I'm having fun, the story is a bit different from the other one I played, from what I remember. The battles have been good so far - not cakewalk, but winnable with decent play. It's taking me a bit to get back into how to play, and I don't really have enough cards to muck with the stock deck/book yet. First round, I didn't draw nearly enough monsters. I still won, bit it was closer than the first round should have been. Second round, I dominated. I nearly had my opponent without a space on the board, but he came back just before I crossed the line to grab one.


I'm supposed to play Gears, Halo, COD4, and other stuff tonight. I hope I can hold out and do so - I might end up taking a nap before then.


Kitchen was about half clean when I got home last night, the dishes were done. That was very nice. I took out the trash and changed the catbox over lunch, so that's the worst of the kitchen area out of the way. I still need to clear up the clutter, the path to the bedroom, and get rid of some of these boxes the bedding and such were sent in.

Also got in 3 boxes yesterday - Blue Planet, the free sheets and pillows (fast!), and some gifts.

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Thursday, February 7th, 2008

08:20 am   CNY

Happy CNY.

We went to Chinese last night for the celebration, and it was a good time. I think that was the biggest feast they've had, two rows full. I had issues breaking into the crab legs as always. The live-taped show had some interesting moments. We got out pretty late, and I went straight to bed.

Got Culdcept Saga last night, but didn't get a chance to play it. Looking forward to that tonight.

Looks like I'm going to come in second on the challenge. I've been enthralled by Mass Effect and haven't really wanted to power boost my GS.

The bed comes in Sat, and most of the bedding I ordered is in. Well, all that I ordered is in, and I'm just waiting for the free sheet set. Going to have to clean up a bit and clear the way on Sat, not sure what time the delivery is going to be.

Got Planet Earth in Blu-Ray. Wow. Very worth it, looks great on the projector. Watched another segment last night. The narration can be annoying, but the images are amazing. Nothing has made me want at 100+" screen more so far. The other one, Blue .. something hasn't arrived yet. Once The Universe comes out on BR, I'll get it too.

Felt awful sickly last night before the event, I'm hoping I fought it off but my lungs hurt today. I picked up a deep cough somehow, but it's only day 1 so I'm hoping I'll shake it by tomorrow. I'm trying not to be lazy and just take sick days, since work is a bit busy right now.

I have some running around to do, but I may wait. I have the next 3 evenings free to myself.

Oh yeah, LAG/LeMed event Fri night, late. Gears, Halo, COD4, then ¿

Current Mood: busy

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

11:11 am   Going For The Mat

Just got the call, new bed has arrived and is ready for delivery. I can't wait to try it out. Cali King, thing could probably hold 4+ people - I don't know how it's going to fit into my room.

Current Mood: anxious

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

09:58 am   Bedding

We went out to NFM the other day and I decided on a bed. It's supposed to be in my next week. I settled on a Simmons which is very firm but has a plush top to it. I hope that ends up being the correct balance. It's a California King, so there should be room. Fitting it into my bedroom, however, might be a challenge.

It came with a mail-in for free sheets and pillows, frame, and the low profile box springs were included as well. I hope they take/dispose of the old one. I'll need to measure where it's going.

So, seeing that I wouldn't actually be able to sleep on it until the mail-in comes back (up to 4 weeks), I went and ordered some sheets and comforter, etc. Of course, the sheets ended up being backordered. I'm not sure of the timing of everything, but I'm hoping it works out. I also got this down comforter that was $200 - 20% off - $50 rebate (giftcard). So half price, should be good.


Then I went and bought Burnout Revenge and Mass Effect using BB coupons and a giftcard. Saved some money, but spent more in the process.

Then we went to GS and took advantage of a 25% off coupon + 10% off Edge card deal on 3 PSP games. Ended up with Brothers In Arms, Ys, and Brave Story.

Then, of course, Amazon's DotD was the second Untold Legends, which we are both close to finishing the first volume of. I figure we'll both move on and multi that game as well.

All told, it's been a pretty good month for funds leaving. I still haven't ordered the Jeep hitch and bike rack yet, nor have I even priced tinting.


I just found out that we're having some rhythm games on consoles set up at work this week over lunch one day. That will be fun.

Current Mood: blank

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

10:09 am   The Intricacies Of Projection

I decided on the projector, a Mistubishi HC4900. After reading several reviews, I decided that a 1080p projector for under half of what I was going to pay for the TV was a good deal. As the rebate would expire at the end of the month, I went ahead with it.


(as an aside here, I made a promise to get a new bed before a new TV. In the circumstances, it was deemed ok to proceed. In fact, by spending half as much on the TV, the bed cost is probably covered. The bed should be the next major purchase within the next few weeks.)


So I placed my order, got my confirmation call, and all was well. Then we had weather. The tracking number showed it was on the truck for delivery, so there was little concern. I rushed home to attempt to be there by the time FedEx showed up to deliver.


I waited. And waited. I decided to check my email, and there was a tracking notice. "Failed delivery - no one present at home or office." B.S. I was there, and the apt office was open. I wrote in a complaint to the effect. The next morning, the tracking status had changed to "delayed due to weather."


In any case, I rushed home again in order to be there for the delivery. I was sitting on the couch (perhaps 10 feet from the door) when there was a knock. I immediately got up and opened the door to discover... No one there. I stepped out briefly into the cold, and there was no one in sight. No delivery person, no truck, nothing. However, looking down, I saw a box clearly labeled as a rather expensive projector sitting on my doorstep.


Now, look. You screwed up the first time by not delivering it, fine. You screwed up again by marking it as no one present to sign. I'm fine with a weather delay, although it should have been communicated up front and preferably in advance. However, that all goes out the window when you drop the box on my doorstep and run.


Anyway, I let it sit to acclimate to the indoor climate overnight. The next day, I unboxed it, took some pictures, and started watching.


I also ordered a 25 foot HDMI cable that came in the same day. It was $30. Monster wanted $300 for an equivalent cable. I'm all for good quality parts, but 10x as much? No thanks.


As my receiver does not support HDMI, I decided to just go the direct-to-PS3 route. I placed it up on the bookcase, and got to tweaking visibility. Once up and running well enough, I played a bit on the PS3 then went to watching Blade Runner.




Amazingly clear, awesome image. I watched Blade Runner's Final Cut 2 more times for the commentaries, then switched to The Replacement Killers, which was another BR disc. It had extra/extended scenes I don't recall from other versions. Very nice. I followed up with Curse Of The Golden Flower, which is a bit like House Of Flying Daggers as far as color goes, so it was a good test. The extras on that disc were not in HD, and looked like it. Not finding HoFD on my shelf, I decided that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would be next. I was disappointed in the lesser quality on the DVD, but was pleased with the projector's performance.


I then went and bought a little 3 foot shelf to put it on in the corner on top of the end table so that it would be out of the way, centered, and a bit less skewed. Corner to corner, it's about a 72" image right now.


More pictures are available

Current Mood: geeky

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

03:56 pm   TV or Projector?

I'm considering getting this Projector instead of the TV.

Current Mood: contemplative

Friday, January 4th, 2008

09:10 am   Have you Scene It?

I've played quite a bit of Scene It over the past few weeks, and it got me thinking.

What are the movies you think are so iconic that you can't believe someone else hasn't seen?

I've played the game with a couple different age groups, and there is generally a set of movies that everyone has seen. Beyond that, there are some surprises. Let's get to some examples.

Playing on Xmas with RedneckNinja and family, I found myself much more in tune with RN's older relatives in terms of movies seen. This seems very strange to me, as I know I've watched quite a few movies with RN, and we're of similar age. I can't recall offhand which ones surprised me most, but there were several. In fact, last year when the Silver Screen version of the game came out, I had at least some reference to the actors, movies, and characters where RN and the in-law had none.

Then there's the issue of NYE. I was playing with the younger SO and another couple of that age. Pretty much anything in black and white was mine, except for some lucky guesses. What surprised me, however, was the lack of knowledge of movies such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Princess Bride, Big, The Shawshank Redemption, and others. Sadly, I was sitting out the game where Blade Runner came in, or I would have swept the thing.

Now I don't watch TV as a general rule. I have an intense dislike of most shows, especially sitcoms. So I have quite a large hole in my knowledge of TV shows from about 1990 to the present year, and only watched a few shows before that time. I also don't go to the movies or keep up with the mainstream much, so I've got a lack of information there. However, it's pretty hard to avoid all mention of such things so I do have some limited exposure to leverage.

Still, I find it hard to relate to people who, for example, haven't seen the jumping piano scene from Big or wouldn't know what Iocane Powder is. And that's not even getting into Replicants or Tribbles. It's just a given that anyone breathing right now has seen those movies and at least has a slight clue of what I'm talking about.

I suppose that's one reason I enjoy my vacations so much, because I get to relax around people who just KNOW. We can talk about shared experiences such as Fencer House or the first AC just as easily as the exploding cat or Socko, and everyone just understands and keeps the conversation going. Other people... Not so much.

So what is in your top 10 reference material?

That is, what are the top 10 items that you use readily without thinking in day to day conversations that would generate much confusion in those who haven't seen/read/heard them?

CMorrigu's top 10Collapse )

Current Mood: contemplative

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

12:29 pm   Homey

Made it home yesterday. I'll have to write up the rest of the trip sometime and perhaps fill in some details.

Sufficed to say that Yakumo's house rocks and it was interesting to see D4nte and ? again.

The drive back was long, but not horrible. Except that I kept taking micronaps while I was driving until I pulled over and stretched several times. Missed rush hours. Saw a few cops and a few accidents.

Today I need to do laundry and wrap gifts. I had to go out and get litter earlier, as the catbox was a huge mess. When I finally changed it just now, it made my eyes water. Phew.

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

07:24 pm   Quick Trip Summary

So far, left a bit quickly from home and forgot a few things, including my jacket. Got held up in StL for an hour or so due to accidents. Eventually made it to L-ville.

Day 2, Sat, hung out and vegged. Had Chinese ordered in for lunch. We were supposed to go out for Mexican, but ended up with Famous Dave's instead. Friends came over, we opened gifts, admired swords, then Rock Banded out. I crashed earlier than the rest.

Day 3, Sun, hung out a for a bit. We ate leftovers and such for lunch, then we were going to head to Japanese for Takoyaki. Japanese was closed. We ended up at Texas Roadhouse instead. Vegged.

Day 4, Mon, I think we ate in for lunch again. Dinner was at a grandparent's with the family. Not a bad deal, really. Ate too much. Neatest gift was a mini RC helicopter. Neither of us got it, though.

Day 5, Tues, family deal. They called us in early, but we ended up there about on time instead. Ate too much again. Tried to get a TV Jeopardy game going, but the stupid thing wouldn't work right. Ended up playing Scene It again, just like last year. I got a wind-up flashlight.

Day 6, Wed, back to work. RedneckNinja had to head back to work, but I still wanted my Takoyaki. So we had Thai for lunch, they went to work, and I headed to Japanese right at opening time. I ate too much, and was actually disappointed in the Takoyaki. It just wasn't as good. It wasn't molten hot like it should be, either. I did thoroughly enjoy the Veggie Tempura and Unadon. I grabbed a few things for RN for dinner after work.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Carmel for lunch with a couple LAGgers, then up to Shinji's for the party with D4nte. I'm not sure about Fri, I'm thinking of heading to OH to visit. And Uncle Yip's. I may end up just heading home, though. We'll see.

I did get/find out what I'm getting partially.
So far:
Terry Pratchett's Hogfather DVD. I didn't even know this was out here.
Culdcept Saga preorder for the 360. It will be fully paid by the time it's out.
Bike Rack for the Jeep. As soon as I go pick it out/up.
$10 from Obaasan.
A jacket. It's been handed down a few times as it's pretty big, but it's ok on me.
A couple pullovers. Re-gifted, and I don't really like pullovers, but I figure they'll be stolen from me soon enough.

So more than I wanted, but ok so far. I know there's more, though. Sigh.

In all, it's been a worthy vacation. I needed to get away, out of town, and just relax with friends.

I also managed to miss the cold and weather. It's been consistently 50 or so around here with no weather.

I'm off to continue vegging, play some CH squad night, and probably more TF2. I might go try COD4 though.

Current Mood: calm

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

12:56 pm   No Work

So yeah... Fri was my last day of work... For the year.

I'm uninspired, just lazing about mostly. Getting a bit annoyed at the games I've been playing, but I want to get through something.

Went to Brazil last night, stuffed ourselves.

I'm planning on heading out some time next week to visit people, just not sure exactly when and where.

Saw Constantine, which was better than I expected.

Current Mood: apathetic

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

10:18 am   The White Death

... It's here.

Current Mood: apathetic

Friday, November 30th, 2007

01:08 pm   Ain't That A Laugh?

From Slashdot:

"Spam Arrest could change their name to Arrest Arrest Arrest Arrest Spam Arrest; that's got less spam in it." - ciaohound.

Current Mood: amused

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

08:55 am   Holy Halo 3

Deals, Purchases.

Wow, I can't quite believe I didn't wait for this deal. Halo 3 Legendary Edition for $60 from Amazon. today only. I got it for something like $20 off a while back, but it was still over $100. This deal is awesome.


I almost grabbed a couple of 4GB SDHC cards yesterday, then someone pointed out they were mini instead of micro. Too bad, $25 was a steal. And I have quite a few devices around that use them.

I did go ahead and get Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1-Channel Surround Sound System for the Xbox 360. I figure it's a cheap set that will last me until I upgrade to a new HT setup. I can use my current receiver with them, and then they'll make a good set for the PC.

Didn't buy much else lately besides the B2G1 used sale at GameStop, where I picked up Tomb Raider, Tetris, and Table Tennis for 360.

With the Jeep $ coming due in the next week, I needed to tone down anyway.

Still wondering about Xmas plans.

I figure I'm going to make my yearly trek to the IN-KY-OH area again, but I'm not sure what's going on when or anything. I've got the 15th through the 1st off, so I'm pretty flexible there.

TV sucks.

Oh yes, we watched The Hogfather on IonTV Sun night. They re-cut it. Horribly. Plus all the damn commercials. It was VERY hard to follow - and I've read so much TP including this book as well as seen the (BBC version) show a few times. I can only hope they release the complete thing on DVD domestically so it's watchable.


Nothing much else new to report. Work is work. I didn't do much but play games on my week off, and do some minor cleaning. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 was okay, very relaxing at least. Rayman Raving Rabbids sucked horribly. I also have Virtua Tennis 3 to play more of. All 3 of these were free to borrow for 3 weeks + renewal from the library. What a deal, eh?

I really need to get in gear and exercise/stretch more. That week of sitting of the couch wasn't good at all. I'm kinda sore from just walking up to the 4th floor at work. The close parking garage is still being maintained, so I'm also parking further away. Good for my health, to be sure.

I'm at the point where the Jeep is feeling natural now. There was a AAA truck blocking the way through the garage yesterday after lunch, and I was able to thread my way through the small gap. In fact, driving the Saturn again felt really weird. The whole sitting on the ground feeling is strange now, too.

Current Mood: sore

Monday, November 26th, 2007

06:10 am   An Off Week

I was off last week, in more ways than one. Now I'm finding it hard to work up the motivation to get myself going to work this morning.

Current Mood: lethargic

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

01:04 pm   More Shelves

PS3 Wii Shelf CMorrigu

Tall Bookshelf CMorrigu

Text List of GamesCollapse )

Kinda slow day at work, environment is down. I took some time earlier to go to the post office, mail off some stuff, and get stamps.

Played GH3 a bunch, then took a break for Halo 3 last night with some LeMed folks, which was interesting. Went back to TF2 before I crashed. Tonight is TF2 night, then Gears and Burnout tomorrow night. I'll probably fit some more GH3 in as well, not sure what else is going on.

I'm looking forward to some extended time off soon. I want to do some stuff, play some games, and relax a bunch. Need to reset the brain.

Current Mood: accomplished

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

09:47 am   Shelves

Did some organization over the weekend..

PSP Shelf CMorrigu

DS Shelf CMorrigu

360 Shelf CMorrigu

360-2 Shelf CMorrigu

PS2 Shelf CMorrigu

Current Mood: accomplished

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

09:22 am   Schoolgirls

from http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=518#more-518

(which was a fun read *WITH SPOILERS* but...)

This really made me laugh:

Del Boy says:
Now that’s a great interview.
*giggles like a school girl*
*plaits hair like a school girl*

Current Mood: amused
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