Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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my moods have definitely been in a downswing...

went to work, somehow made it to the 1st meeting on time... got stressed, went to lunch, Rodimus and Rain didn't show for most of an hour... then we ate quickly and left, didn't really have time to hang... was about 2 minutes from work when my mobile rang, it was my boss on the call I was supposed to be on wondering why I wasn't on, since they were asking for me... I had absolutely nothing to say on that call except "I'm here now." anyway, once that was over, I got some paperwork and email done, then made it to my next meeting, which actually went really well. Then stopped by to talk to my boss about a few things, evidently we're seeing these situations in the same light - in short, ridiculous, time- and money-wasting power plays... so I've got full approval to do what I need to do. then chatted with various team members before heading home.

b&w keeps crashing, so ended up burning CDs and playing PSO...

Now I'm feeling a bit hungry and kinda blah.. not sure what to do.

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