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had a pretty ok day.... work was bleh... was about to leave early for lunch, decided to talk to A for a bit.... ended up talking way longer than expected, and only left for lunch when Rodimus and K wandered out of the building in front of me... but hey, can you blame me? lunch was pretty ok... then work wasn't too bad, it kept me busy until *gasp* after 5... and chatted with A on our way out....

was supposed to hang with L, but neither of us were really up to it.... went to XR Size, ended up chatting by the hot tub after with M and T... came home to do some 4th, but had weekend plans to make instead... still haven't packed yet.

I just ordered 2 DDR Deluxe pads... since that FUCKING WHORE at Mitsuwa had some in stock, but didn't bother to call me so I could pay for them... a local let me know that they saw the last one go the other day... That pisses me off... especially when it's a small business like that. They could have just told me "No, we don't want to deal with having to call you when they come in and wait for the money order" that would have been just fine. Instead, they promise to call and don't.

Tomorrow morning will be last-minute readiness and such, then 2 meetings, one of which will probably be done on the way to the airport. Once off the plane, it'll be dinner and the drive up to my friends' place... prolly do some 4th mix and such there, hang out, etc... Sat will be DDR at the mall back neat the airport, so I'll end up staying down there somewhere until sun morning. 8am sun morn I pick up the vehicle, pack my stuff in, and drive all the way back here... unload, take that back to the airport... then drive back.. and crash. hard.

work mon will prolly suck. at least from the getting up and going standpoint.

Anyways, off to pack..

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