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Thursday, March 15, 2k1
Let's see... work was irritating, I pretty much had to be there all day long, and we had a "Team meeting" that was extended as a holiday celebration.. but people brought snacks, nothing substantial... which irritates me, since I skipped lunch for it... And then I had 2 back to back meetings in the same damn room.

Went and got Chinese for dinner with L.. We watched Re-Animator, which I must buy on DVD now.. That was such a great movie. Then we hung out for awhile, and I went home... Joy.

Friday, March 16, 2k1
I ended up having to go into work for a meeting... But stayed home until after lunch... Then I left to go buy some stuff.... Ended up getting 2 plastic chairs for the patio, which didn't quite fit in the car, so I had to use the jumper cables and the single short bungee I have in the car to tie them in and hold the trunk down while I drove home.

I believe I just stayed home and played some DC games and such the rest of the night, nothing too exciting.

Saturday, March 17, 2k1
Got up in the for breakfast, got invited out to golf as well as to a party. Skipped the golf, came home and played some AoE2... Played DC and such until it was party time... Party was pretty good, much more laid back than last time, due to the fact that the younger people weren't there in force like last time. Had corned beef & cabbage, cheesecake, etc.. was drinking Two Dogs most of the night, but did some sipping on some Grey Goose and Chopin... I'm sad to say that my Grey Goose didn't hold up to the challenge, and M's Chopin vodka won the night. Somehow they started surfing for pr0n on this shitty computer with a tiny screen on a dialup. So I made the offer to come to my place to view on the 21" or TV with good sound, etc... Which was interesting, I don't know when they finally left for sure, I suppose it was a little before I made that entry. It was strange, I found myself feeling attracted to two different people, both of which were there with their SOs... And it was that teasing reciprocation kinda thing where you can imagine that the line might be crossed given the opportunity. Then again, about half the people ther ewere really gone, so who knows?

Sunday, March 18th, 2k1
Breakfast.. I'm not sure how I made it, I certainly didn't have enough sleep. It was a very low turnout... Came home and managed to help win in AoE2.... then finally succumbed to a nap after lunch.. watched tennis, futurama, hockey, history channel, etc... vegged, chatted, bleh...

Also checked work email and sent a message to my team lead about a meeting conflict, thereby ensuring the assumption that I'm working overtime. I'm hungry, and have already finished the snack foods that were left... I'm trying to hold out until after I Get back from my trip this coming weekend, but... not sure I'll make it.

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