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work and taxes

well I screwed up today. Not too bad, and it turned out ok in the end, but still...

I looked at my Rex, saw a meeting at 10:30am on this side of town, and figured I'd just work from home and then go to the meeting - instead of driving to the other side of town for an hour, then having to drive back anyways. So I'm working on the laptop, and bring my calendar up - oops, the meeting for today was cancelled. So I figure I'll head into work, and make a few stops on the way.

I get to the mall right after it opens, and take the used PSX that I bought last week back. I get all but $10 back for it, which I consider fair enough, since I keep my 10% off card and magazine subscription. Then I head over to get my taxes done.

I Get to the tax place, no problems, I get right in. We're going through the forms and such, and realize that since I did that stock option thing, I'm missing a form or two that shows what tax was withheld and all that. So I say I'll look it up when I get home and call in. I head to work.

Work. Nothing going on. Nothing to do, really. I check email and realize that I had been double-booked at 10:30am, but the person couldn't start the conference line, so cancelled the meeting. I install one app that I finally got access to, attempt to install another - but it isn't there. I then realize that I'm pretty much wasting time until my 1pm meeting, so I head home to find the tax forms.

I get home and find the tax forms after a bit of searching, call in the numbers to the tax place, and realize that it's about time for my meeting. So I call in and log on to the company servers so I can follow the document trails. 2 hours later the meeting is over.

I get a call back from the tax person, and as it stands I'll be getting back over $3k federal, over $4k if I contribute to my traditional IRA. I can't rollover until next year, so I might be better served to go ahead and do that and take the tax break this year... Not sure yet, I have to call back tomorrow and let them know.

S was having a bad day, I managed to miss them when at work, but invited them over after work to talk....

Playing some DC, I have all these games to try. Getting hungry, will prolly have ramen.

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