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weekend update

well, before the RSI strikes again, let's try to update...

Fri: went to L's for dinner.. I brought the Chinese, L brought the beer. Showed up a few mins early, and L's ex answered the door. Doh. That was a bit strange. L came home, ex left... we ate, chatted, and L did a bit of work.

I had brought my psx by request, so we started playing some games... Then there was a call. L's son had been in a car accident along with the ex's mom. So we left to go see what was going on there. Ended up bringing the son home with us. So we played more psx, some computer games, etc... Then L left to go get the daughter, etc... We ended with watching Monty Python's Grail... Then I came home.

Sat: Got up too early, so went to breakfast at the cafe. Don't really know what happened to the afternoon. Seems like 4:00pm was the time for everyone to give me a ring to see what was going on... Too soon I had to pack up the computer to get to the LAN party. Had a blast there. Got home entirely too early in the morning again.

Sun: L invited me over for steak dinner for my b-day. I brought the psx again, this time the dance pads as well. Ended up having to perform a cd head transplant between psx machine to get things to work right. Played games all day. Left before the ex came over to pick up the son. Got notification that the DDR DX pads might be avail.

There, that wasn't so hard.

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