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I'll give the weekend update I failed to do over the... duh, weekend.

Friday: Umm fucked around after going to my one meeting, didn't get much done. Might have gone to lunch with someone, was waiting on dinner plans that didn't happen. Lots of Fallout.

Saturday: Went to breakfast at the cafe, made dinner plans... Played Fallout until S called, then visited for a bit. Made lunch for S, kicked S's ass at Q-Bert, introduced them to DDR... Went to dinner with apt ppl, convinced S to come with... Split up after, ended up going to Rodimus' place to play some MAME using the new HotRod joystick, which rocked. Also played some darts. Came home, drank a bit, got philosophical, and crashed hard.

Sunday: Woke up early for no apparent reason, went to breakfast. Charged my rent. Came back home, cleaned up the place. Had M from the apt complex stop by to chat, do some CD copying, and demo my sound system. Got a call from Haha saying their drive up went ok. Relaxed, did laundry, etc... Drank some. ICQ'd with Ankh about stuff for awhile. Slept pretty good.

Monday: hey, that's today! woke up later than usual on purpose. Got ready, got to work earlier than planned. Had a boring, pointless day. Went to lunch with A, which was a treat. Left early to go spend too much money on toys. Came home to eat, Rodimus dropped by to admire my newly framed print and chat. Spent almost 2 hours setting up new toys. Played with toys, vegged in front of tv on wireless LAN connection. Drank umm... my remaining 4? Two Dogs... had some popcorn, getting ready to crash.

Hmm also made plans for lunch with L, who called me this morning, which was great.. although no definite plans yet. Then made lunch plans on wed with (other) L, and Thurs dinner with L and Rodimus and (Rod's)S...

S and I were supposed to have lunch today, but S had fallout from weekend's implementation to deal with, so cancelled. hopefully tomorrow will work. I've got meetings in the morning and afternoon tomorrow. Joy.

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