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someone just sent another lovely bit of ICQ spam.
My first reply:
the message you sent is spam
if you continue to send such messages, you will banned from every list I have access to.

their reply:
um..ok, settle down.

my last reply:
no I am PISSED OFF that people don't read and understand all the stupid SHIT that keeps getting passed around.
YOU didn't take the time to verify that the URL you sent is GARBAGE and does not work.
It was a prank that is WASTING MY TIME AND BANDWIDTH.
so stop contributing to the problem.

I am sick and tired of being inundated with this crap wherever I go. Banner ads, spam mail, ICQ spam, everything.

If you're not contributing to the effort to be rid of it, you're part of the problem.

As I believe Henry Rollins once stated (I'm paraphrashing from memory) "If someone is wasting my time, they're stealing part of my life. Part of my life that I can't get back. They're murdering me in minute increments. For every minute of my time they waste they should die that minute sooner."


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