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I've been weak

I bought more stuff today.

Went to CompUSA and god a pretty good deal on Starcraft BattleChest, Dungeon Keeper 2, Fallout 1 & 2, and Nox.... So I'm all legit for those games if anyone wants to play online.

I chatted with an older gentleman about Diablo II, it seems he's new to the game and didn't understand what to do about gems... Or where to find that tree in Act I, for that matter. So I gave him what hints I could remember from playing it quite a few months ago.

Stopped by the apt office to visit for a bit, found out that I can charge my rent, but not to my Discover card /: No cash back on rent for me /: So I'll wait and put it on my Check Card instead, once I get paid (I hope this Fri.) Drove up to my apt, and realized someone had dumped a bunch of stuff in my garage - the maint person is doing some work on the HVAC systems, so there's filters and such all around. I understand that the organization at the office isn't the best, so it's not a big deal - they prolly didn't tell them that that garage is mine... Just a little irritating.

But I used that as an opportunity! I grabbed my cheap caulk tube and went around the non-screen part of my bedroom window with it to hopefully help keep out the cold.

I just got a call that my $250 frame is in for my print, so I need to go pick it up.

I still haven't had lunch yet, I keep putting it off.

Oh, and I'm skipping out on the rest of my training class today. Which is why I'm home writing this.

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