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ok well

So maybe today wasn't my day after all...

Lunch with L was excellent! We're supposed to hang out more often.

I finally made it to training after lunch, and there was no more room for me.. so I left. Went into the office, visited with S, then went to the store. I bought food for the next 2 weeks or more, plus Fight Club and Metropolis DVDs, and a cheap but interesting candle arrangement that involves a box, sand, stones, and tea candles.

Then I made it to yet another conference call, which was quite possibly even worse than the one this morning. Joy.

L gave me some insight on the other team I'm able to be transferred to, and recommended that I go ahead and do that move. I'm leaning a bit more towards it now, although I still need to update my resume and visit with that group. But perhaps L can put in a good word with the boss there for me, so...

Not sure what this evening holds besides pasta in the immediate future...

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