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no really

I'm going to get to training today... eventually...

I mean it! I will!

I just had an hour's long hell of a conference call. People just don't get it, which is why they're in project management rather than actually doing things. They kept going around and around on all the same issues they've had since I've started on this project. Nothing has been solved. BAH!

My part tends to be a link to some technical folks, and I get really annoyed with the constant bombardment I get "do you have an update yet!?!??! it's been 20 minutes, you have to have an update!!!!" BS.

When my people have an update, they'll tell me, and I'll tell you. Asking me to call them every hour, or even every day is a waste at this point. They have important technical jobs to do, and I'm here to keep you off their backs.

So yeah, I'm fighting the good fight. I'm technical, I hate dealing with beauracrats... So I'm not dealing with them for my own sake, but theirs...

anyways, if I drive 20 mins to training... 10 mins to find parking and walk to the building from BFE... and it's 20 mins back to this side of town for lunch... and lunch is is 1 hour 20 mins... that means I'll be at training for about 1/2 hour before having to leave and come back here. Not gonna happen. I think I'll just check work email and veg for a bit instead, maybe get to lunch early.

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