Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu


I've been shopping from home. This can be a VERY BAD THING.

I ordered a whole bunch of Dance Dance Revolution stuff from Express.Com... Because they both do imports and are fairly reliable. Of course, some of the items are not in stock... bleah.

I'm considering ordering the cassette of Gypsy - Enchantress, which has been a long-time favorite of mine. As far as I can tell, it has never come out on CD, which is a REAL shame. It's such beautiful a ND wonderful music. There are a few MP3s that I've found, but they aren't the best quality. I'm hoping maybe if I buy this then Rodimus can do a high quality rip and make a cd for me. I have exactly 1 cassette player left to my name, and it's in the car.

I purposely have not looked at new books or DVDs, because that would be bad. I've even tried to stay away from other toys... but one of the IRC chans I was in earlier ... well, I'm ahead of someone in every aspect of computer hardware... but they're going to upgrade some things soon.. so I may have to buy some things to keep up d;

I'm really not in that bad of a mood, I'm just kinda feeling strange. I'm eating the last of the chex leftover from the rents visit at xmas, since it's the only snack food left.. well, I suppose I have a little peanut butter left... but other than that, it's ramen, which I already had. Tomorrow might be a good day to get to the store and restock.

I'm also wanting alcohol for some reason... so I'm doing my best to finish up the rum... although I'd really rather have some chips and beer. And company, for that matter. S never showed today, A wasn't in to work at all, and I had lunch with Rodimus and S, but they were both sick. I haven't heard from J and J in a few days, but last I heard they were sick as well. I need to make sure I have all current number for my friends, so I don't get stuck like this.

I suppose tonight's tv isn't too bad... and I still haven't watched the commentary track on eXistenZ....

I think I can prolly do a bit of DDR without causing a flare up of back pain... that would be nice...

there's still a bunch of organizing to do... I should get to some of that this weekend... and laundry, of course...

Hmm this would have been a great weekend to go back and get all my stuff from the rents... too bad I didn't know that until now.

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