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details: Chinese new year

If I can retain coherent thoughts long enough, I will provide the Chinese NEw Year details...


Rodimus and S came over for some pre-celebration DDR.... which made us hungry.

We got there, all the family was there, one other pair os non-asians attended.... it wasn't buffet style like last year, but a weird blend... buffet/family style.. only they don't pass the plates.. so it's sitting in front of you, but you have to get up to get to dishes you can't reach...

(damn spell check is gonna take a while to fix all these mistypes)

Food was unbelievable... lots of stuff, highlights were..e everything, really...

Crab halves where great, easier to eat than last year... tasty too... the rice cakes were great, some shroom and bak-choy dish which rocked all sorts of ways, 2 different duck dishes, 1 chicken dish, a jellyfish dish which was amazing... rice, soup, and more...

They gave us beers and Sake and water as well. itw as all good... and free!

One of the best moments was when J and J finally got there.... and Andy told them the drunk chicken dish was actually snake... that was hilarious... at the end, they finally realized that it was chicken and Andy was BSing them... but J is gonna have awhile to live that one down! ^_^

in any case, found out some details about gambling and Mah Jongg in China... as well as the fact that Andy doesn't understand as much Englsh as it seems... May have to try to talk slower and more distinctly next time I'm in.. that or carry placards to subtitle myself...

Dave wanted to go out to the casinos afterwards, Chinese tradition being to stay up all night and use the good luck...

We all needed to crash to make it to work today.. ah well... We promised to come to the celebration every year they have it.

Which by the way I suppose I should mention... They didn't' plan this year, but they asked us on Sat night when we were in if we would come if they had something, and we agreed. So they went ahead and planned something for us to come to ^_^ Arent' they just so great!?!??!?

So, any locals that haven't been there, contact me and I'll take you out there sometime, it can't be beat.

Anyways, I'm drunk off my ass... wella ctually, I'm sitting on my ass, but still pretty toasty.... I may have another bit of something to retain the buzz until bedtime..

I need to check my brain to see if I have an early meeting tomorrow, I know I'm triple booked at at least 2 points during the day...

Anyway, I think this will catch my journal up for those reader who are interested, and for my own personal satisfaction... I'm going to chat and veg and such the rest of the eve... night!

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