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suck it up and get busy

Well, after I stopped feeling sorry for myself and got out in the car, I went by the store and bought 3 bundles of carnations. Then I went to work and put one on each of my coworker's desks in my team, and a few others nearby.

They loved them, said it made their day... which of course brightened up mine as well. All good.

Work was a barrage of stupid meetings and pointless discussions. Oh wait, those are the same thing. Anyway...

Was a bit worried about A, since we hadn't spoken since Fri night's dinner, but it turned out fine late in the day when we finally had time to chat. I guess I was worried about nothing.

Found out about S's events, which were interesting but not much really.. And the other S has a karaoke machine in the basement, and will plan an evening sometime soon with everyone invited. Should be fun.

Had a sandwich at the caf for lunch, and my leftover Chinese for dinner. I think I have enough ramen to last the week, so no need to get to the store.

Still haven't cashed my paycheck, and realized one credit car d bill was due 2 days ago. Oops.

Watching hockey, might DDR a bit before bed.

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