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that was fun

Rodimus and S picked me up early, we went to get b-day cards.. then looked at some furniture since we were so early. Got to the restaurant, me up with some of the people, and hung around for the rest.

We sat at a huge round table in a separate room, which was very neat. There was lots of good conversation. The food was definitely not my kinda thing. I only ate my lemon chicken entree, whilst everyone else had the garlic bread, salad, etc as well as their main course. Some had dessert.

Rodimus got called into work, so S and I went back to J and J's place with them and S. We sat and chatted a bit, I ended up figuring out how to check one of my email account from my phone, which was nifty.

Then they brought out Truth or Dare Jenga... which we played for a few hours. That was a blast, lots of laughing and joking and all in all good fun. Just got home, gotta throw the wet laundry into the dryer, set the alarm, and get to bed... The morning isn't gonna be fun, and I think I've got an 8:00am meeting I have to be at.

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