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y'know... it's kinda strange when the cable goes out right at 5:00pm on a Friday... and doesn't get fixed until 11am on Saturday... some fuse blew, and took out the entire complex...

Had a wonderful time last night. Maybe I'm wrong, but a 4 hour dinner would tend to be a good thing in my book. S is sneaky, I think. Set up a group outing, then managed to make the plans such that A and I went to dinner alone, and S and N went to dinner and movie alone... well, technically, there was supposed to be a friend of N at the movie, but I'm betting that person dropped out at the last minute. So, what was supposed to be a group outing turned into 2 separate dates....

Which is fine by me, really... A and I went to J's and ate and sat and talked for 4 hours, before A decided that the hour drive home was going to suck... and the dog was getting cold outside in the car... the actual splitting up for the night was a bit strange, as it was horribly cold and we really didn't exchange goodbyes... A just mentioned we should go to a Jazz Club downtown one of these weekends...

So, I consider it to be a success. We'll see what feedback I get... Still haven't heard from S, and I missed a call somewhere during dinner... The phone was off when I tried to return it. Hmmm.... I wonder...

Anyways. I felt good for going out with someone and having a good time. Instead of sitting at home alone as usual.

Tonight, I managed to set in motion events that lead up to reservations for 12 at my fav Chinese place... The regular morning crew that hits/works the apt cafe are all going... That should be fun as well.

Imagine, me. Going out twice in a weekend! WIll wonders never start.. er, cease!

Oh, and J's birthday is tomorrow, so I might get invited out for that, as well.. hmmm

I suppose that answers my question about whether or not I can get out and socialize, eh?

Now that cable is back up, I need to catch up on everything I missed. I'll prolly even get back on IRC, which I haven't been on for most of the week.

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