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awake again
good deep sleep nap
feeling a bit better, even though the back still aches

I somehow got roped in (yeah, like I was unwilling) to this thing to go see a movie tonight with some co-workers.... This includes various details which make it a very interesting situation that I really can't go into here. Sufficed to say, the cast includes 1 person who stayed home from work today because of health problems, 1 person who is married yet infatuated with someone else, 1 person that is the object of infatuation (and perhaps returns it?), that person's friend (poor poor friend), and the other newbie on the team which I am highly attracted to.

Now, just imagine the possibilities.


The whole situation was described as being "so high school." I would tend to agree, although I never quite did this sort of thing in high school. It's got that kind of roundabout duck from trouble mentality. Which, of course, makes it even more amusing.

As there is no current timeline, I'm going to just veg and keep a relaxed back until it's time to prepare...

Damn, I'm usually pretty relaxed, but I have a feeling this evening may be slightly nerve-wracking. As long as I can get the back in shape, I'll deal...

ahhhhhhh, just fired up my chair massage pad... vunderbar

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