Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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last night hurt.... this morning wasn't much better

I went out to my first meeting, got a free muffin from the apt ppl.. had some tea... now back here deciding whether or not to go into work today. My back hurts. Bad.

I've got an 11:00am meeting to go to that I said I would be at to my coworker last night... then I can come back to this side of town for lunch (Chinese?) and come home to veg and hopefully take stress off of my back...

I should find my giftcard and go buy some ibuprofen with it

I realized this morning that with all the cold/flu stuff going around and my having to sleep more often than normal to combat it, getting drunk is not a good idea...

Got a compliment from the apt office manager today.. said I looked like I had lost weight since moving in!!!!!

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