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it's been a very strange day

there was something in the air at work.. a kind of thread of 'let's all relieve all our stress today!'

I've been feeling kinda down lately when I get home... so I haven't been in the mood to do the usual IRC/ICQ kinds of things

I'm attempting to be drunk atm... beer, and the good 'ol cap'n.... and whatever else... I keep forgetting to buy painkillers, and my back is hurting pretty bad tonight

I made thai noodles from a box tonight.. not bad, I should have added more stuff to it...

got another paycheck.. 2 more and I should have my monthly expenses figured out, so I can start buying toys

'fraternization' policies suck. I have a very attractive single thin red haired co worker... that I want to ask out. I was advised to do so by another co worker... but... that damn policies.. I'm paranoid about that kinda thing. Of course they're also a smoker, have a dog, and live on the opposite side of town...

I'm going to surprise people at work, Monday I plan to bring flowers in for various people i work with...

ugh I feel like hell

I need to clean my place up, badly... tomorrow, and weekend... allocate time for that...

the car is getting worse and worse.. I may have to think about replacing it sooner than I thought...

rents won't leave me alone bleh

I still need to take a trip out to get the rest of my stuff.. how's that sound for a first date? "you wanna take a 1000 mile roadtrip with me this weekend in your SUV?"

people have issues. they need to deal.

I forsee work getting much worse very soon... I'm trying vainly to remain positive

I try to change myself only to slip back into the same old patterns.... should I just give up because that's how I am... or should I actually go ahead and attempt to change myself for the better, even if it's not working?

does metabolife work, and should I try it to see if I can burn some carbs? all I eat are carbs.. how does that affect things?

sometimes I'm too clever for my own good.

actually, I'm starting to break down... I need to finish my drink and go pass out

fuck it all

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