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Samsung Moment, another Android phone - with keyboard. I think this is what the Instinct Q became. It has a HVGA screen.

So far, I'm going with the Hero. I played with a Touch Pro 2 today, and it is a MUCH better phone than the Mogul. The onscreen keyboard has been vastly improved. Picture mail works now, like it should. The faster processor and increased memory really make it snappy. It's got a WVGA screen and GSM world capability. Other features, too, make it a good upgrade from the Mogul. Only one thing, really, brings it down - Windows Mobile. It's still the same crappy experience underneath everything.

The Hero is available as of Sunday, so I'm going to get one then. I figure I'll try it out, try to like it. If I like Android and can handle the lack of a keyboard, then I'll keep it. If I like Android but can't deal without a keyboard, I'll turn it back in and get the Moment on Nov 1. If I dislike Android, I'll consider a Pre or go with the Touch Pro 2.

In any case, I'll have a new phone. Anyone want to buy a used Mogul?
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