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Chase Planes

Planechase is a blast!

So, I called up the local shop on Fri to ask about the launch party. I was told that it was a casual thing happening all day Sat and Sun. You come in, buy a deck, get a promo, and then hang out and play. Not organized, just there. Fine.

So we head over there on sat after lunch (and just after the store opens). We walk in, look around, and finally I ask "Got any Planechase?" Here's the punchline, wait for it.... "Nope, sold out." And goes on to say that they didn't expect it to be popular, so sold out to their regular FNM crowd in the first 20 mins. And now it's out of stock at the distributor level, so no more are available at all. Even though I did see one box sitting on the floor behind the counter. We did get the promos, at least.

Anyway, so we called another local shop, then headed over there are bought all 4, plus got 4 more promos. Looked over the cards, but then did other things for the rest of the day. Sunday, late, we finally sat down to play a game. And it rocked. The decks are slow, and it took about 1.5 hours for the first game, but it swung wildly back and forth the entire time. I love the 5 color artifact deck. Add in some cards from the AR artifact precon, and it would be even better I think... Or perhaps add 2 PC precons together, hmmm....

It's just wild, all the stuff that happens. You're dumping all your mana into trying to roll either chaos or to planeswalk somewhere that benefits you. The game stalls due to the fog or hippodrome, while you're building up your side of the board. You have to pump single creatures up to overcome the -5/-0 or work untap tricks.... Even playing the same decks against each other, it's going to be a wholly different game each time.


Other than that, still been playing Fallout 3. Bought and finished the PA ep2 game. It was a little faster and less irritating than the first one. Also some MTG here and there, plus reading. Bought a couple new games under $20. Did some shopping, ate at various places, the usual.

We also spent some time setting up the new tablet pc. I was pretty skeptical about the thing, seeing its price tag. Only now, after having played with it for a few hours here and there, do I see the benefits. Particularly if you need to draw, it's hard to beat. Pressure-sensitive pen to the screen and you're off just like on paper. Some of the other features are also nice, but that is, of course, the big one. It's also neat to use like an electronic book, magazine, or paper when you fold it as such. Not quite what I'd want for my primary system, but it wasn't for me, right?

Nice short week this week. Mon and Fri off. Flash mob Wed night, potentially. Not sure yet. Nothing planned for the weekend so far.
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