Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

Web Hostaging

Why do all web hosts suck?


I went against the cardinal rule and got burned yet again.

If you have a webhost, always, always, ALWAYS have a separate domain registrar. It doesn't matter if a free registration is included, don't do it. It never ends well. NEVER. Even if your webhost is otherwise just fine - great even. The fact that you have your domain registration through them will screw the works up somewhere, sometime, somehow.

So here we are once again, one of my domains is being held hostage. And I already have another one sharing the fate. I got the third one back, finally, at least. Although it was at extra cost at the time.


Anyway, Haha visited, it went well. I have a new dishwasher. Played some XBL games with Braindead Pan, Thenarus, and Yakumo. Bought True Blood on BR because I heard it was good and it was on sale cheaper than on DVD. We've watched the first 7 eps, and are thoroughly enjoying it.

Mostly just playing Fallout 3. I've also been reading. That's about it, nothing much exciting.

There are a couple events coming up, and I can't wait for the long weekend.

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