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Dell Doesn't Care

So Dell's 'care' doesn't. I shouldn't say that, as I did talk to 3 out of a dozen or more people who actually did appear to care. Christopher, Kris, and Whitney were the bright spots in the endless loop hell.

Basically, order didn't go through for some reason. No one could say why. A couple of them could see the quote there, but didn't have access to do anything about it. Phone calls just went in the same loop between 2 different offshore operators and who knows how many IVRs - each call went through that.

Finally, got someone who escalated to their manager and got me over to the right department. Who promptly said that there was some unspecific 'pricing issue' and then tried to sell me a system for $300 more. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but they insisted it was only $60 more until it was time to purchase it - oh, and Tax, etc makes it $300 more.

No thanks.

So, Dell is rapidly becoming a company that I avoid. They can't even get their core business - online computer purchases - correct. Their layout is labyrinthine, and walled off so that 'care' can't do anything to resolve anything, and all they do is transfer calls between themselves. Email is useless, as is chat.

So no new toy. I'm bummed.
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