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Gaming And Sloth

That pretty much covers it.

I've been progressing/grinding in various games the past couple weeks. Finished the PA game, just have to go back and get the last achievement in it. It was better than I thought, but not a $20 game. I'd say it was a $5 game, but I wasn't too upset to have paid $10 for it (half original price). I'm not going to get the next one until it's on sale for under $10, preferably $5.

I evidently missed a price mistake at Amazon's new XBL Store. The Xbox 360 Live Points Card digital versions were 20 CENTS instead of $20. What I would have done had I see that....

Anyway, the rest has been work and poor sleep. Not sure what's going on, but I've been dragging. Work has been... different. I'm doing more admin stuff while trying to get a handle on all these new pieces for the new job, and translating what I understand to the boss.

Yawn. Forgot my badge today, so have a temp. Not very exciting lately. I spoke with RedneckNinja and Haha for a bit. We grilled out yesterday, so had to get the tank refilled. Bought privacy film for the side door in the garage. Still haven't seen the bug guy.

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