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I spent quite a bit of time playing games this past week, particularly over the weekend. Sunday, I finished Cars and Wall-E. I also started on Space Chimps and made progress on Unreal Tournament III.

In the Challenge to 100k, I pulled ahead of joshnorm yesterday. Finally. By 553 points. It's going to be a long slog, if this weekend was any indication. I had way too many controller thrower moments going on. What is it about these crappy movie games where the controls, camera, and physics all suck horribly? Not to mention the awful gameplay, stupid plot, unskippable cutscenes, lack of progress indicators, and boring achievements. I mean, these movies are big-budget features from companies with reputations... And the games are all awful, which I would think reflects poorly on those big names. Wouldn't they do better with better quality tie-ins?

Anyway, new position at work is official as of today, I believe. I'm going to continue working on code to clean up this mess of a config file. I was trying to automate the whole process, but dealing with that many regexes must violate OSHA or something. Instead, I ran some manual replaces, edited by hand where necessary, and then am building a quick app to do the indenting. I couldn't find anything that would indent the ( like I wanted too - most of them are for { instead.

That winter weather blast this weekend was odd. Cold, rainy, then sleet, icing over, then lots of big wet snow - all in the span of Sat afternoon. I got out briefly before all that, then didn't leave the house until work this morning. And most of the snow is gone. And it's pretty warm already.

Spoke with Haha briefly, they've booked a trip out to visit. Was going to call RedneckNinja, but ended up grinding out games and forgot until I crashed. Yawn.
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