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Watchmen Seen

I finally went to see it last night. I re-read the GN a couple weeks back, so it was still fairly fresh.

I was both impressed and disappointed in it. Overall, it was good, but not great - maybe not even really good. There were lots of little things changed that I didn't see the need for, as well as some decisions that I don't get at all. I understand the changing of the major ending, which worked just fine.

Some of the issues I had:

* WTF was with the 80's who's who? I know they needed credits, but that set the whole wrong tone for me.
* Nixon's nose was more distracting than Mr Blue's junk.
* Night Owl didn't strike me as particularly childish in the GN, so it took me awhile to accept the movie character
* Most of the scenes with Hollis were cut out, particularly the one near the end (which was replaced by a similar one with Rorscach at the end?)
* The pacing was off, overall. Too much time was spent with Nixon and the "energy source".
* Most of the Minutemen backstory was cut, in fact I wonder why they were even shown at all, as it didn't really matter.
* Sally Jupiter's relationship with the nobody (in-movie) (her manager in-GN) was not explored at all, and could have helped ground that plotline.
* The whole parentage was mishandled, muddy, and didn't come as the shock it was in the GN.
* All smoking was cut, which made sense for now, but it was an 80's period kind of piece and that was part of the times then, not to mention the GN.
* Sex scenes were WAAAAAY drawn out, that screen time could have been better utilized.
* Newsguy and kid might as well have not even been there.
* Psychologist subplot was missing entirely, he may as well have not been in there.
* Adrian's pet might as well have not been in there.
* Acting all-around seemed forced and wooden, with some roles just miscast.
* Many times, the music was over-the-top distracting from what was going on.
* Several aspects of the ending didn't feel right.
* The 2nd meeting of the psychologist and Rorscach should have been cut.
* No cig-in-the-eye?
* Where did the newspaper come from? I think a better explanation was needed for why the thing ended up there.

What I liked:

* Comedian was dead-on, played just right except for a scene or two
* Rorshach was perfect, unbelieveably so, seemed to have just the right attitude in every scene
* The gist of Dan and Adrian were there
* The main plot was, generally, the same
* There was one monologue by Dr. M that was perfectly delivered, and the music died just right to emphasize it
* Although the pacing was off, it still didn't feel like 3 hours had gone by
* Even though the psychologist/Rorscach part was compressed, it was well done (if altered)
* Archie was well done
* Mars was beautiful
* Fight scenes were pretty well done - you had a sense of place, and where everyone/thing fit in the whole time
* Moloch was pretty good
* Trying to identify all the images on Adrian's TV wall was fun

I think it would help if I saw it again, I was distracted the first time by trying to reconcile the GN to the movie, which made it hard to relax into the movie itself.

We're probably going to both re-read the GN before seeing the movie again.


On a side note, we used the free passes I got from BB the other week on that deal, so it was essentially free. And, because the ticket booth denied the use (even though I had looked it up beforehand) of the things, we went inside and talked to someone else and they accepted it. In fact, we ended up in the ritzier seats at an earlier showing. They have this new upscale part where they took out every other row of seats and put tables in with a button to call the waitstaff in. They serve food, drinks, etc. Not bad, really. A little bit lower scale than the one downtown we went to, but this one is closer, cheaper, and works pretty much the same way.
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