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Steam is Warm

Steam... Steam, Steam, Steam... Steam.

It seems to have grown out of various other ideas, piecemeal. It works, mostly, but isn't as polished as one normally expects from a Valve product.

So UT3 was free to play this weekend on Steam. I found out Fri, and started it downloading. By Sun afternoon, it was finally done. Then, I go to play and it wants a login. Refuses any of my attempts, and gives a blank URL to hit if there's issues. Not fun.

I did play a bunch of TF2, though. Got all the class unlocks. Fun stuff. Now that I'm more used to mouse/kb, it's easier to play.

Went to Microcenter and got a different brand to try in the Jeep, works fine. Also found a 16GB USB key for $32. Sandisk, even. I saw the new Valve mobo, and I want it. Was also going to pick up a 25' ethernet cable, but prices were ridiculous.

I am probably going to build the new Valve machine sometime in the near future.


It is once again time to say that DST sucks.

DST sucks.

Especially when your thermostat doesn't auto-change and you forget to change it. So, you end up awake an hour earlier in the morning, and know you have to get up, but it's cold and the heat doesn't come on for another 45 mins.
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