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Raam Different FT2

I got 2GB of RAM for my laptop from Newegg for $25. I'm still amazed at that. I'm sure Dell would have wanted $200 or something ridiculous at the time I bought it. Anyway, it's maxed out now.

The reason I did that is because I bought The Orange Box, and it arrived the other day. I figured I may as well break out the Nostromo and play in the living room on the laptop. More RAM never hurts when gaming.

Let me just say this: Holy fuck, it's like a whole different game! I got in, and I was confused by all the buttons I had to work out assignments for. I haven't played a mouse + keyboard shooter in a long, long time. I knew I'd be rusty at it, so I first played a bit of Portal to warm up. Then I went ahead and got into some TF2 action. I tried to get into 2Fort, figuring it would be best to start with a map I know, but that was all full. I played some random map, which was okay but not well populated. So I ended up in an Arena version of Well with full teams. And then Watchtower with full teams.

It's so much faster. More twitchy. And all the controls... Eesh. I didn't realize I had to map number keys to select buildings/disguises. I need to find a decent nostromo keymap file or TF2 settings file to grab that has everything laid out nicely. That said, once I settled down a bit and got into it, I started having a bit of fun. I got a couple achievements, which sadly don't post to Live. I guess I'll have to start earning more of the class-specific ones so I can get the new weapons. The level 3 dispenser and teleporters were kinda neat, but I only got to build them in the game that didn't have enough players to make it worthwhile.

I'm considering getting the adapter to use my 360 controllers on the PC, hoping that I can work with that a bit better since I'm much more used to it now. I'm worried that it is a bit too slow, though.

And, of course, my laptop doesn't handle the game at the speed and resolution I'd prefer. so I'm thinking new laptop. Or I could use a deesktop. Or build a new desktop.... Not sure which way to go yet. I'd probably wait on a laptop, although Dell had a sale on a dual-card SLI laptop the other week that was tempting. If I wait, I'll get W7 on the deal. That will let me play Shadowrun as well, since none of my current systems have Vista.

I also tried Audiosurf, which is kind of a mix between Klax, Frequency/Amplitude, and Vib Ribbon. Not enough to buy, but a neat amusement for a demo.

And then I started playing Puzzle Quest Galactrix. Interesting so far, I'm not seeing how to grind like you could in the first one.
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