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Radaing Tomes

I spent most of the day playing the newly-acquired Tomb Raider Underworld. It's a pretty mediocre game. There are issues with physics, plot, graphics, and controls. And the game itself is just rather bland, in all. Excepting the tutorial, I played it from start to finish yesterday. 760 GS. I spent quite a bit of time on the last relic, then I decided to stop and finish the story so I didn't throw the controller through the TV. It's that bad. Not only is it timed, it's an agility race, across instant-death flooring, with horrible inconsistent controls and camera. Not fun in the slightest. In fact, it's pretty much a huge "FUCK YOU" in the middle of this mediocre game.

Sat, started the also-new Silent Hill: Homecoming. It was decent, as far as I played. I'll probably continue at some point.

The Beijing Olympic game is horrible, I got it from the library. It's got just about the most ridiculous controls I've ever seen. And the achievements are pretty much perfect every event at world record level. Riiiiight. Not fun at all.

I read Ender in Exile and All Tomorrow's Parties. Enjoyed them both, finished both on Sat. It was nice to unplug and devour some books again. I forget how much I enjoy that, sometimes.

I read more of Fables... I'm caught up with most of what the library had.

Not much else to report, offhand. Nothing is new really. I need to spend more time organizing and cleaning. Cats are fine. Time to work.
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