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That Damn Cat

Enigma has figured out how to get past my blocks and into the upstairs. Here we go again...

It wouldn't be so bad, except he decided to do this at 3am and whine the whole time, not to mention make a bunch of noise rattling stuff around. I was not amused, and ended up awake for an hour, and then overslept by that same hour.

Went to the PHP meeting, which was uneventful, really. Some talk about a new place to meet in a limestone cave, which sounds interesting.

Read Fables through vol 6, and am impressed. Interesting take on various mythologies, fables, etc. I've put the rest that the library has in my reserve queue. We'll see how that goes.

Got NHL 2K9 and NFL Head Coach 09 from the library, too. They joined NHL 09, NFS Undercover, and Shaun White Snowboarding. Of the lot, I ended up buying NHL 09. The rest are okay, but I'll wait to buy them when they're cheap.

Watched the hockey game on Sun, and it ended up being a pretty good game. Now that I've been playing online, I've started keeping better track of how plays develop and such.

Helped some people get through Blood Harvest on Expert in Left 4 Dead. Found a better way to get on the beam above the hay, too.

Oh, found Conan and Smash Court Tennis 3 at Target for $10 clearance. They found a couple DS games for the same price. They have a couple more clearance games I'm waiting to drop before I pick up.

Not much else, really. Spoke with RedneckNinja and Haha a bit. Mostly just stayed home, read gamed, and the usual vegetative stuff. Did a bit of clean up and organization around the house, too.

Guess it's time to work a bit more before heading out to lunch.
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