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Holy Hokey

I got NHL09 from the library, and played around a little with it by myself. Got the quick/easy achievements, and was about to return it. Then I realized it was AGE game night for it, so I got into that.

Holy cow, why didn't anyone tell me this game was so much fun online? We had 2 full (on-ice) teams going all out against each other, and it was a blast. I generally think sports games are merely ok and dabble here and there. But this game is just so much fun... I may end up buying it shortly, even though I noticed that NHL10 is available for pre-order already.

It was fun, it was funny, and the games go pretty fast.

Also, we got Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? for PSP last night, but they have it not me. And pre-ordered Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Cold out today, good day to WFH.
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