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sometimes, things seem to be against me.

I know it's petty stuff, like toys, and nothing majorly important, but still...

Maybe there's some sort of emergency coming up that I'll be needing the cash I would otherwise spend for.

Today, due to places being out of stock, I was prevented from spending about $700. This can be seen as a good thing. This can also be seen as pretty fucking annoying.

It comes down to an asshole whom I have met and hung around with... and a very nice person I've never met who offered to help me out. The asshole of course gave the good news... and the very nice person had to give the bad... And of course the asshole wasn't sorry one bit that they didn't help me by buying the items at the time they saw them in stock at the store. And so the very nice person goes there today with intentions of buying for me, and lo and behold, they've been out for weeks. And the asshole says "oh, I should have gotten one for myself when I saw them."

ok, now I'm done with my petty little rant. I'm going to bed. Sleep, get up and into work extremely early, catch up with whatever I missed on Fri. Hopefully start off my week on a good note. Get my access so working from home means I can actually work if there's things to do.

Hmm, I just realized I'm going to be out tues and wed for training this week... that might be interesting.

Need to talk to my boss early about getting out of the dept. If there's no way, then I have to sit down and figure out how to last the year. At this point I'm already getting unduly stressed, and I haven't really gotten deep into any projects yet.

Hmmm, taking stock of myself and my emotions right now, I'm not in good shape. I think I'm going to go fully offline for the night. Otherwise, I may creep back on and piss people off. It's that kinda mood. Makes me glad I don't have a roommate.

Let's see.. good things, good things... there's gotta be something good...


trying to be positive, but don't have a focus for it right now.

This could be an opportunity to lay in bed or on the couch and get some writing done. I have a writing sample for my MBA application to do... As well as some stories for The Fixer. And I had someone suggest to me recently that I start writing my own stuff for my own ends again... Or, start in earnest... Something to do until sleep comes... Besides watching hockey.

Positive! Mike Meyers was on Inside the Actor's Studio, that was funny to watch! There we go! And the hockey game has been interesting! more good things! And CTHD was good a second time around, even if the subtitles were hard to read.

Amazing, now that I've thought of those things, I've managed to relax slightly... The edge to my attitude has worn off and I'm a bit calmer now. I still feel the pull of sleep, though, so I'd better sign off and get the bed made before it wears off.

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