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Yeah, I'm still not awake. Between this and that and the other, I'm fried. That's not to say I'm necessarily unhappy. Stressed and relieved back and forth.

There was a really good sale on a Garmin Colorado 300 that I almost went for, but didn't. I'm still trying to decide if I want to donate to CC to get the Joco stuff or not. There's a few other toys here and there that I'm pondering, but mostly just trying to save.

Not been gaming as much as I expected, given the breaks I've had. I've been more into reading and simply vegging. It just feels like my brain is set to low-power mode, so I have no energy to do much. Expended a bit of energy over the weekend, but also took it pretty easy.

There's weather today, which points towards me just heading home and vegging. TF2 tonight, but I don't see doing much more than that. Started playing Chrono Trigger and Ninjatown on the DS, and uh... not much more than that. Lended my Prince of Persia (360) out, or I'd probably play a bit more of that.

I'll know more about stress levels by the end of the week. I need to attend a couple more meetings the next two weeks to take notes (seriously, that's the only reason I'm attending is that my boss wanted good notes from the meetings) and do my end of year review doc, and I'm done. The 16th may be my last day at work for the year, otherwise 17 or 18th will be it.

I'm going to miss the gathering with RedneckNinja, yakumofuji, and d4nte this weekend. I'm very annoyed by that, I would love to be there. Just not happening this time.

Haha is having surgery next week, too. Nearly forgot to mention that.

I started up on Twitter solely to be able to follow majornelson and warrenellis during the day via text. I rarely check it otherwise. It's also nice being able to reply, even though I'm sure it gets lost in the masses. The Twitter as text thing is the first actual real use for it I've seen. It ends up being like RSS for the phone via SMS. Kinda handy.

Back to being brain fried.
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