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Double Show

So we successfully saw Alanis Morissette and Video Games Live. Both were decent shows, although I was slightly disappointed in both. Anyway, thus ends the run of event tickets I had purchased. All in all, it wasn't too bad navigating downtown and finding free parking. Shows seem to be timed to ensure we hit rush hour every time, which was somewhat annoying.

The warm-up for Alanis was Alexi Murdoch, who was.. different. A bit repetitive and simple. Most of the audience was bored during this part, we saw one guy reading CNN on his phone. There was lots of chatter, as well. The couple in front of us had interesting phone wallpaper - the guy's appeared to be both of them nude in bed, and the girl's was two skeletons going at it doggy style.

The warm-up for VGL was LeetStreetBoys - Yuri The Only One

It was a highly amusing way to start, and the first part of the actual show rather paled in comparison. The show did get better, and had some very fun and interesting moments, but felt like it missed the overall target to me. The 'host' bits were a bit stale and seemed disconnected from the rest. It was neat to see the audience participation stuff - playing Space Invaders and Guitar Hero on stage like that must be an experience.

In other news, I'm pretty much over Fable II. Collection and game-ending-choice achievements are all that are left. It was pretty good for a short, simple, casual RPG, but once you're done there's no real reason to go back. No, Fallout 3, on the other hand... Wow. I'm sure I'll be playing that for quite some time. It's like Oblivion in scale, but was done better. No wonky game-ruining leveling system here.

And then, there's LittleBigPlanet. This is an experience. As its core, it's just a simple platformer - run, jump, grab. But the creativity in those included levels is pretty good to start with. It really shines in the community levels, though. I've played quite a few levels, from artistic and musical to plain and boring to old-school tributes with hardcore difficulty. It's all there, and if you don't see it yet, you can make it yourself. 4-player co-op is great when the level is set up for it, sadly most aren't marked as to whether they are or not. That's a nag with the single player, too - some way to denote which ones require co-op for the 100% would be nice. I started playing around with the editor in order to at least have something to enter into the AGE contest, and it's almost too much to wrap your head around. I mean, someone built a calculator in the thing... Impressive. So while not all levels are fun to play, there are some amazing things being done.

Other than that, work. Last week was the 'final' week, even though we always take the extra week. So hopefully no more Saturdays, and a lower stress level until Jan/Feb.

Gears of War 2 this week... Resistance 2 this week... Wow. Another great week for gaming. I'm looking forward to playing both games in co-op. Gears2, the SO is working the release so I'll be able to play that night. I'd take Fri off, but that's the last day for our current project at work. R2 should be a blast if the beta was anything to go by. As long as I can get in a good room with LAG/LeMed/AGE or GP who know what's going on at least a little, it will be fun. I think there's another game or 2 this week and 1 next week, but those are what I'm focused on right now.

We tried a new Japanese place downtown. Takoyaki, finally. It and several others dishes were good. Others were not. In any case, Maido still rules but we can at least get acceptable stuff locally if the craving hits.
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