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Another day where I can't seem to wake up. Probably due at least partly from the weekend, where we slept in and took naps and vegged and generally lazed about trying to hopefully feel better.

I think I've now played all the new games I have, for 360 at least. Somehow, some of them snuck through and I hadn't even booted them yet. I'm waiting to see the count on my x360v summary for the week. I got some quick-hit achievements on various games, played/finished Lost Via Domus. Bad movie/TV game, but seemed shorter/easier than King Kong. Also played CSI Hard Evidence, another bad/boring TV show game. Couldn't quite stay awake long enough to finish it last night, so probably will do so on Wed. The only game I'd really like to get back to is Ninja Gaiden II, which played much more fun than I anticipated.

Won the challenge, of course. Sent encouraging messages to others in theirs. Got the top of the biggest gain from the month in LeMed, at last. Finally have 10 watchers, too.

Not much else, other than work. We did manage to sit and watch Young Frankenstien, whihc came in with the Mel Brooks box from Amazon. Also got Trinity Blood, Samurai 7, The Watchmen, and V For Vendetta. Was late with rent due to the lease renewal. Had mailbox issues trying to pick up my package.

Felt a little sickly, not sure if I've caught something different, if dinner didn't agree with me, or if I'm still not over whatever-it-was.

And.. I'm fried. Done, I mean.

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