Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

Forgetful Mobility

We survived the week, though managed to catch the plague. And some wonder why I dislike being among crowds.

The hockey game was fun, although somewhat lame. it started very slowly. The third period finally saw some decent play and fights. Up until that point, the kids little game between periods was the most exciting. I'd like there to be a home team so we could go more often. Or maybe that should be a check mark for the next move.

Then there was the movie on Wed. Turnout was pretty good overall, but the line was short and there was no intro. Movie itself, Eagle Eye, was meh. Someone didn't know the first thing about shooting a good action sequence, that's for sure. Horrible, especially for this kind of movie. The whole I Robot/Portal/2001 thing was very evident.

It was just after the movie that I noticed my throat was sore. I figured it was because I spent a few minutes trying to dislodge a popcorn kernel before the movie. Well, thurs morning I realized that I had contracted the plague. Joy.

Ii spent Thurs at home 'working'. Mostly, it was attending calls. I also played Lego Indy quite a lot, trying to complete it. I ended up playing Halo 3 that night with LAG co-op on Legendary. It was a good time. Did you know that if you headshot a couple of marines in the staging area, the rest get pissed off and attack the party? I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard... and trying to not cough up a lung. The others were wondering what had gotten into the NPC marines... Oh what fun.

Fri, I stayed home and ended up working more than I normally do in the office. Was very busy, but I did manage to finish off Lego Indy, except for 1 achievement. Stupid Bomb 5 one wouldn't unlock. Played more Halo, but had to leave earlier than expected due to exhaustion.

Sat, got up and out to the Japan festival. It was alittle better organized than last year, and they had much better food. We found Takoyaki! Not the best, but it was decent. And now we have a line on a local place to get it when we have the urge. Saw the shakuhachi, biwa, shamisen, koto performance. We skipped on the early taiko one, and ended up going to the later performance. Spent some time watching/waiting in line for the candy artist. And also caught a bit of rakugo.

Yesterday, we shopped. Hard core. 21 new games for 360 and PS3, plus other mundane stuff. GS had B2G1. I also got an antenna for the TV, so I don't need to worry about cable - I get enough HD channels for free.

Today has started out great. Overslept, still feeling blah, didn't sleep well, and forgot my laptop at home. I'm going to leave early for lunch, stop at the store for food, and head home to pick up the laptop and eat/relax/quite possibly drug myself to either sleep or coherency.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune
Unreal Tournament III (for the mods)

Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
CSI Hard Evidence
Lost Via Domus
Blacksite Area 51
Need for Speed Prostreet
Tenchu Z
Dynasty Warriors 6
Warhammer Battle March
Conflict Denied Ops
Hellboy Science of Evil
Bladestorm Hundred Years War
Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation
Mercenaries 2 World in Flames
Project Gotham Racing 4
Medal of Honor Airborne
MX vs ATV Untamed
Fight Night Round 3
Spiderwick Chronicles

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