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Yeah, I've still been fried. got back into LAG/LeMed/AGE gaming nights. On the positive side, it's a blast to play with friendly people 100% of your time. On the negative side, it's so fun that it keeps going well later than normal bedtime.

I went ahead and grabbed a Fujitsu 320GB drive and installed it in my PS3. That should alleviate any space concerns, what with all the game installs and such. When people warn you about stripping screws, they're not kidding - 2 of mine got stripped in the process, and I was being careful. In any case, it was a relatively easy install. It took about 4 hours with the backup/restore taking ~1.5 hours each way. I think I'm going to have to retire that enclosure/drive, too slow.

We did finally manage to see Les Miserables. It was good, and I was riveted to some parts of it. Other parts seemed off, and we noticed several technical errors. I think I've got a separate post in me about that sort of thing. I still have some of the music stuck in my head.

Tonight is hockey, which I'm looking forward to. Wed is a free preview screening of Eagle Eye, which I have no real interest in - but it's free. Sat is the Japan festival, although we haven't seen the signs advertising it like we did last year. Then again, the major intersections weren't under construction last year, either.

I don't recall anything else spectacular from the past week. I've been on a budget kick, so have been eating quite a bit more at home. I've tended to hit the store more often to keep stock, especially since I started the WFH Thurs last week. It's nice, but dangerous. Nice that I can basically roll out of bed to the couch and be 'working.' Dangerous in that, if I don't have anything to do, I can lay on the couch until 2-3pm playing 360 games before finally taking a shower. And it's easy to justify doing nothing when you're removed for everything like that. Still, it would be the same matter of keeping myself occupied if I were at my desk at work.

Next month is a 3 paycheck month. I always enjoy that. I'm trying to keep myself reigned in, otherwise I'm likely to get a new system or something equally expensive.

Looks like I won the challenge this week. Just shy of the 1k I wanted to average. I figure 1k/week average is relatively simple to do, and that gets me moving up on the stats boards pretty well. Of course, this week is so busy I may not get that.

Played Warhawk with a couple AGE folks the other day, and we did trophy hunting. I finally have a decent start on trophies. There's still not enough trophy support on that system as a whole, though. I left it in dedicated ranked server mode for the 4 hours for one of the trophies, which was simple for a Silver level one. I hear that the auto-sizing based on bandwidth screws some people out of it. I didn't see a single player on it while it was running, but I suppose that's not the point.

I'm thinking I'll stay around home for T-day this year. But I'll probably take the usual trip to the IN-OH-KY area around X-mas. So, heads up if you're around there and have openings in your plans for me to stop by.

Other than that, I tried to sleep in and take it easy over the weekend so I could try to get rid of the lethargy for this busy week. Not sure it helped. May consider a doc visit soonish if it persists. Would rather not.
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