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New work policy: WFH Thurs. So I guess I'll be staying home those days - why not?

Tried to go see a play on Fri, outside. Even with the rain and tornadoes. We got there, waited an hour, then it was announced that the sound board was fried. Annoying. Might try to go back tonight. Oh, Fri dinner was Sushi House. It was okay, makes us want Maido.

Spent quite a few MS points on XBLA stuff and DLC on Sat. Ticket to Ride, Bomberman Live, Assault Heroes, Puzzle Fighter, COD4 Maps, ME DLC, Live Draft Tracker, Live Score Tracker. Some just for the points, some to play myself, and some to play with others.

Went to a party for people from their work on Sun. In the back seat of a Town Car riding through a small town with a Brazilian driver and two people with open containers in the front seat is an.... interesting... experience. Random shouting and honking, and ended up with a motorbike following us back. Watched football, talked to a mortician.

Since we were out so long, laundry wasn't done. I ended up sleeping on the couch, then moving to the bed with just a random sheet. Didn't sleep well, but didn't feel bad enough to call in.

Been trying to get achievements with another LAGger. EA sucks. Their achievements have non-descriptive text, are glitchy, and some are pretty much broken/impossible. And fixes? What, a fix for an older/non-sports game? No. EA sucks. Anyway, we made what little progress we could. Looks like I won the challenge this week.

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