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Work was rough, then I had a few days off. It helped, but I'm still not feeling back to normal. I have, at least, been keeping myself busy at work with coding. I missed coding, it really helps engage my brain and keep it active. I kinda feel like I lose that capacity if I'm not using it regularly. I'm still not all there, but I am making progress.

I've been gaming quite a bit. Put up around 1500 points last week. Finally got that stupid penalty shot in NHL 2K6. It took way too long, considering how it easy it was when I finally got it. I've pretty close to finishing Civilization Revolution, too. They managed to make a Civ game playable in a short amount of time on a console that keeps the Civ feel. Amazing.

I'm in the SOCOM beta. It's.. okay. I'll need more time and maybe a controller remap to get into it. I haven't played SOCOM for.. years. Let's see, probably right after SOCOM II came out.

I'm considering a new machine. Not sure, yet. I haven't really used the ones I have much, but they are pretty old now. I could use more storage, regardless. I'll probably at least get a bigger HD for the PS3. I have a couple power supplies and a case sitting ready to be used, though.

Did some cataloging of my stuff, and have a simplified stuff page going on. My old one was nice, but overly complex. I'll probably end up with something in between due to the current one being a little too simple and lacking features.

Also finally worked up the beginnings of a media gallery script that works exactly as I want it to. Most of the scripts I've come across just don't have the exact combination of features I'm looking for. This one is starting to. I have a few more things to figure out at a base level, then I can work on the combining. I'm very happy with the progress so far.

I have other projects to work on, too. As long as I keep putting at least a little time in each day, I'll be satisfied with the progress. I have so many ideas for the various projects, and I don't devote much time to them right now.

It's looking to be a busy weekend, too.

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