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Human Pub Braid

Well, I did manage to finish the achievements for Pub Games... and afterwards, I was reminded that that crappy MadCatz controller has turbo so I could have used that instead of wearing out my fingers manually pressing A. Doh.

I also made it through Braid, although I still have Speed Runs and the Stars to get. Kinda stupid on the stars, really - one I can't get now, and another takes 2+ hours? Come on, man. Lame. The game itself was short, but pretty neat. I still feel that it wasn't worth the price, but I didn't buy it, so.... Shrug.

Too Human is kinda okay single player. It's much more fun in co-op. It has some major annoyances, but it's a decent game. Not all that like it was supposed to be, but good enough to keep playing. I finished soloing act 3 last night, so I'm getting through it. I hope to finish the game this week, and will then be available for co-opping.

Of course, Disgaea 3 and Tales of Vesperia come out this week, so I'll have those late tomorrow or Thurs after work. Infinite Undiscovery comes out next week, so that'll be 3 RPGs to add to the pile, as if I needed more. I still have barely touched Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata, let alone the others.

There's a 25% off PSP/PS2/PS3 games coupon for GameStop this week. I'll probably pick up Heavenly Sword at least, if not Uncharted Drake's Fortune as well. Hello, trophies. PSN needs to have a sale on the games that actually have trophies.

Had a busy/rough work week last week. High stress, long hours. And, of course, I was having trouble sleeping to add to it all. Hopefully, I'm back into regular sleep so I can relax somewhat this week. I have a training thing on Thurs morning downtown, so I'll be able to get out of the office then. I'm hoping I can do the work from home thing on Fri, and then have the long weekend. I have Tues off, so that's an extra day to unwind. I was thinking of heading to Chi-town for a LAG get together, but I think I'd rather relax than worry about driving that far.

Oh yeah, I won the challenge last week. I even put in a good number of points. But, no one else did. Yeah, no one else put ANY points in. At all. It was all me. Kinda strange. I'll take it, but.. meh.

Still a but fuzzy and fried. I'm trying to work through that and get moving on some of my personal projects. Of course, work is getting in the way this week as well. What's supposed to be downtime isn't.
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