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Lazy, c/p from x360v.

Woo, managed to win the challenge thanks to Madden 07. GameStop had it in a 50% off bin with a couple others - I ended up getting 2 other 360 games and a faceplate for under $20 total. Not a bad deal. I think the other 2 games were NHL 2K6 and X-Men. The faceplate was Mass Effect.

I didn't think I would be playing much, due to out-of-town guest over the entire challenge. They left on Sun, so I was free to spend 3 boring hours with 30 years of franchise. Yawn. I'm so glad they stopped doing those, even though 07 seemed easier to do than 06. 08 was better overall achievement-wise. I have a bunch of SS achievements left in 07, and probably some misc other ones.

Last night, found a clearance deal at Target on CAG and headed over there. Picked up Kane & Lynch and NBA Ballers for $20 each, new. They had Madden 08 for $15, new, but I already have the points. They also had the 1600 MS Point cards for $15, but I've got plenty of points sitting around as-is.

This week, I'm not really sure what I'll be working on. I missed the secret weapon in CH last week, which was a bummer. I'll probably get back to SCIV and maybe AitD, as well as test out the new games. I find myself not playing the 360 much on non-challenge days - either vegging or PS3/PSP/DS and just doing 360 boots for streak save.

I did watch some of the Olympics. The events I was to watch aren't broadcast normally, and watching them on the streaming site sucks, but works. Archery, Judo, and Fencing were what I watched yesterday. Korea is amazing, having never lost the women's team archery event. USA did well in women's Sabre, I saw some of that. The other Fencing matches were kinda screwey, as was Judo. 5 hour blocks with no indication of where or what you're watching until the actual moment it's on is lame. No commentary, either. And horrible too-long replays. Each point takes 1-5 seconds, and the replays were going 7+ seconds, so you missed a point. Meh.

In any case, work is also busy this week, so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have for gaming.

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