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Holly Shite

I did it. Finally. Whew.

Commuted to work via bike this morning, and home this afternoon. A bit over 6 miles each way, 30-40 mins. Going there is harder than coming back. I think I figured out a nice route that doesn't have me in heavy traffic most of the way. I stuck to the sidewalks where I was nervous about rushing drivers or going too slow.

That's one goal for the year off the list. If I keep doing it, though, I might end up in better shape. Or dead.

The only part I didn't really care for was the lack of a shower at work, instead I spent time with paper towels trying to dry off then used deodorant. Not the same thing. My desk fan was very helpful in cooling me off. I did forget a water bottle, so I was very thirsty on either side of the trip.
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