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Not much new to report. Been working on UT3 achievements, with some help and bots. It's a great version of UT, and a real blast to play. Managed to borrow Avatar for the 2 minutes needed to get the full 1k GS. And I finished Open Season, which was easy enough. There were a few sticking points, and it took a bit of time, but it wasn't bad overall. Jumper, however, sucks ass. It's a horrible, horrible, terrible game. Did I mention it was a bad game? Yes, it is. Sadly, the first half of the points aren't very hard at all to get. It's just that the game is so bad, it's not really worth suffering through. Played Turok (sucks) and Dark Sector (confusing), too.

We tried a new Japanese place the other day, Sushi House. It's about as close to Maido as we've seen here. It's just not up to standards and doesn't have the menu. However, the Unagi Donburi (unadon) was awesome. Service was pretty good, too. The tempura was mostly bland and there was no avocado or banana. Gyoza were overdone and meh. Prices seemed a bit too high, too. And, of course, no takoyaki. So it's.. okay. Maybe if you like sushi more than we do, it would be better.

I bought Pain and Pixel Junk Monsters on the $5 PSN sale. Pain is quite a lot of fun in small doses. (yeah, I said that) I'd be a bit happier if some of the UI was cleaner (the Updates screen is ugly and annoying, the insistence on using controller 1 is stupid, and there's no tracking of how close you are to the (internal) trophies), but it's fun. We tried multiplayer, with mixes results... Bowling is a bit of fun, but I'd been playing the game for the past 2 days, and they hadn't touched it yet, so... yeah. PJM is an interesting twist on a Tower Defense game. It's not the best one I've played, but it's a pretty good console translation of the genre. You have to keep moving to pick up the coins and upgrade/place towers, etc. So it's not quite as relaxing as most TD games. It's fun, and not bad for $5.

I got Samurai Champloo from the library, so I was re-watching it. I want to buy it, but I haven't seen the set reasonably priced yet... I'll wait. Also saw the beginning of Scry-ed and Carnivale. Yeah, I'm buying Carnivale from Amazon for $20 a season. With that, and my recent acquisition of Deadwood seasons 1-3, I've got a backlog of HBO series episodes to watch now.

Mixed results from plugging the 1TB into the PS3 and 360. PS3 took forever to decide that it couldn't read anything. 360 found most of the files, and played most of the ones it found. I was rather hoping the PS3 would perform better. In any case, it makes watching anime a bit easier. I tried Soul Eater, but hated it. Basically went through the list watching a bit here and there of various series, I don't recall if anything looked worth pursuing.

Haha is incoming next week, so I started cleaning. There's lots of cleaning to be done. I've been putting it off, then only doing the minimums. I actually mopped floors the other day. Yeah, I know. Me. Mopping. I'll leave the cat's room for this coming weekend, so it will be fresh. Besides, I need to pick up some litter - Target was out last night.

Work is picking up, but I did schedule my vacation days through the end of the year. I've got a bit next week, then in Sept, then T-day and X-mas/NY breaks. I figure on FL for T-day and the usual trip for X-mas/NY. We'll see. I'm open.

I feel like I've started to get my brain back. For a bit there, I couldn't seem to shake the daily lethargy and blur/fuzziness. Still need to kick up the exercise, and I let the diet slip a bit. Overall, though, not doing too bad. I'm seriously considering signing up for basic fencing at the local college just to try to ease back into it.

Oh, got some tea from the owner of the Chinese place. He had it brought back by a relative from their last trip home or something like that. It's supposed to be brewed extra hot. I don't know when we'll get around to trying it, though.
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