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Ball Cache Sagan

Fri boss had tickets they couldn't use to the ballgame, so we went. Not a bad game, and the fireworks after were nice. Traffic getting out was horrible.

Sat, got up early and went to a geocaching breakfast. Horrible catering, wasn't much for me to eat. Played a bit of frisbee, then went caching. Ended up in a small group and got 3, then we realized we hadn't brought water so we headed home. Napped.

Sun, watched the Cosmos marathon. Fun. Carl Sagan had a very interesting speech pattern. I thought he seemed much happier in the early ones.

Also did some stuff around the place, cleaning/organizing/etc. Got rid of the old/huge TV and box finally. Started gathering stuff to bring with on the trip.

I ended up re-installing the entire laptop, I finally got fed up with it being buggy for no apparent reason. Found that some of the software I'd purchased but not activated was waiting patiently for me to active before the license period started, which was nice.

Trip should be good for caching, I hope. I went to the free knife sharpening today and got my old blue butterfly back in shape. Also went ahead and got the maps for the 60CSx, I figure they'll be worth it on the trip. Found a cheaper price online, but with the trip imminent, figured local was better overall.

Actually found a bunch of geocoins I never activated, so did that this morning. Also been working on PQs for the trip. Should be ready in time. Would be nice if the nav in the Jeep supported them, too.

We're going to try to scale back slightly on this trip as far as the mass of stuff we're bringing. I'm leaving the games backpack at home with GH and RB. We're still bringing a 360 in the vague hope I can find WiFi and a TV to keep my 360 streak going. With the PDAs, GPSrs, DSs, and PSPs, I think we'll be set. Some gifts if I can remember to pack (and find) them, too.

It will be a relief to be on vacation. As usual, all the prep is getting to me. Anticipation and all that. Making sure I've got all the stuff I want/need for what we're going to be doing, etc.

The Axim died, so I had the scrounge for a backup. Got it restored and in working order for caching this morning. I'm thinking I may go ahead and uninstall most of the other stuff since I pretty much don't use the thing for anything else.

Firefox 3 rocks. Just need a couple more plugins to catch up, and I'm set.

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