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Went to be part of the World Wide Flash Mob on Sat. Was kinda interesting. Very nice that it was such a short event, as most of those events drag on too long. Got a free pill bottle cache complete with log paper. Also picked up another quick find we didn't get to last time we were in the park. Took us WAY too long for a 1.5/1.5. We're out of practice.

Spent some time being somewhat handy. I'd been ignoring some minor maintenance for too long. Switched some light bulbs, including ones in the garage using the Jeep as a stepladder. Thankfully, I have a sunroof. Also got the Jeep washed, then RainXed, Windexed, and Armor-Alled it. Put the new sticker on my plate, too.

Evidently I need to call support for the bike rack. I continually tire of company sites with email support that consists of waiting a few days for them to tell you to call in.

Got a couple new games, some of which aren't in hand yet.
Lost Odyssey
Juiced 2
All-Pro Football 2K8
Mario Kart (not my choice)

Want to go see TMBG, as I've wanted to for something like 10 years now... Maybe more. No one else local seems to want to go. Oh well, I'll go myself if I have the energy.

Almost went to the doc yesterday, was feeling pretty awful. Ended up looking for a new doc, and by the time I found one that was close, in-network, and accepting patients, I felt well enough to not go. I still may look up a dentist. Kinda feels like one of my back fillings is out or something.

Played lots of ShadowRun on Sat. Was fun, got a bunch of harder achievements. Most of what is left is grinding. Bah, 100 kills achievements are BORING. I'm hoping Gears of War 2 gets away from that. The new footage looks good, and I have a pre-order on it.

I'm kinda ambivalent about Haze since playing the demo. 4 player co-op is good, but the demo level reminded me of Halo 3, which is a bad thing. Then again, I haven't cared for the first look at most of the shooters I've played... I end up loving some of them later, though.

I lost another gamerscore challenge. Same guy as last week. Same way. He stays up later than me and gets a bunch of quick points. No big deal, really. I was hoping I had it this time, though. I finished off all that is possible on NBA Live 06. It still galls me that EA shuts those servers down - other launch games are still going strong online. If you're going to have an online-only achievement, then the game needs to stay online longer than a year.

Looks like GTA IV has started to stall a bit. I see more other games being played on my friends list now. In fact, the other day no one was playing it for some time. I'll get back to it at some point. I'm probably going to finish Scene It this week, as they did the other day. The sequel has been announced - what happened to DLC? Also, the Viva Pinata sequel was announced, and I don't think I can stomach that. Still burned out from the 1K on the first one. We'll see. I also will probably put some time into finishing Lego Bionicle. What a grind-fest. I'm continuing through Mass Effect a second time to pick up achievements there, too. And, of course, there's still the huge backlog.

I'll probably end up getting all the older sports games, too. If GS has another 25% off 360 games coupon, I definitely will be getting some more titles I normally wouldn't buy. In fact, I may go for the complete domestic 360 collection (with a couple of exceptions that I absolutely refuse to buy at this point). I'd rather not even get started on imports.

Oh yeah, Earthbound is supposedly coming to the VC. If it does, I'll get it. I don't know what happened to the save game I had when I played it the first time, so I may as well start over. Nothing else appeals to me on the Wii.

This week is bike commuter week, and work is opening the showers and lockers to riders. I went to pump up the tires the other day when I was doing maintenance, and either my compressor is b0rked or my tubes are both shot. Or both, I suppose. Had the rack worked, I would have carted them over to get serviced. As it is, I'll probably not bike commute for another few weeks. I've been moving slowly on some of these things.

Oh, that rebate check from the projector appears to have been cashed auto-magically. I love how the one branch wouldn't cash it in person, but I ATMed it at another branch, and it worked fine.

Some time in the past month, I found that Kongregate has Achievements. Kinda neat, has quite a lot of the nifty flash games (most of which you'll also find elsewhere) but with achievements. They also have some kind of CCG that you can play eventually, and there's a card available each week by playing certain games and getting past certain points. Watch the firewalls, though... If you can't see the chat, the achievements won't unlock. They'll grant them via emailed screenshots, but that's a temporary fix not really a long term solution. It's still a nice place to play with achievements added.
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