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Sleep, On The Missing Of

I dare say that the GTA IV launch was not a good idea. Firstly, it was boring. They didn't have anything to do but stand in line or pre-pay. Secondly, there weren't many people there. Third, it completely screwed my sleep for the week.

I don't know if I've recovered still. I did have some issues with sleep before that day, but it got worse the rest of last week. Oh well.

GTA, on first blush, is a very fun and interesting game. However, once you get into it a bit you discover that it is very shallow. Wide, but shallow. It's like they tried to pack every damn thing into the game, so they couldn't spend time making any piece very good at all. If you just like to run around and blow shit up (Hi, GoofyRobo), then you're golden. Free mode with friends means you can all grab RPGs and go at it. In fact, the MP experience has a lot to offer, but it's all shallow. Kind of like the Wii - great for a few minutes now and then with friends, otherwise don't bother.

SP is boring and repetitive and annoying and repetitive and repetitive. Difficulty comes by the number of gang members in a location that you have to solo, the speed at which they escape, and your wanted level after you waste them all (which brings in more cops). The missions themselves are the same thing over and over. Go across the map, kill someone and their thugs, then escape the police and give me a call to do it again. Yawn.

What is even more annoying is the dating/friends simulations. You get calls from all your contacts to 'hang out' all the freaking time. Doesn't matter where or when it is, they'll call. Then you have an hour (game time, which is sped up by some random value) to pick them up. If you decline, they're pissed. If you take too long, they're pissed. If you don't take them to an activity they enjoy, they're pissed. If you don't take them home when they're ready to go, they're pissed. In fact, they're even pissed at some random times for no apparent reason.

I don't see playing this for an extended amount of time, and I'm pretty sure it will wear off all around fairly soon. It's worth playing for a bit, I greatly enjoyed the helicopter and boat races for variety, and the Cops n Crooks mode was a blast with friends. Overall, though, I'd rather by playing something else than grind through this for much longer.


I'm surprised by TDU, I have to take it back to the library today... And I'm disappointed at having to do so. It wasn't very good at first, but the more I played, the more I enjoyed it. Getting a better car was part of it - the Ferrari I have now is fun to drive. Anyway, I'm trying for a couple more achievements after work today, then it's going back. I'll look out for it on sale and prolly pick it up.


Had a very unpleasant experience at TRU yesterday. I had heard that there was a % off clearance items sale, so we went over to check out the VG section. I found some OK deals, in a bin marked 50% off. Also found SSG2 for the Wii marked as $15 in the same bin. Oh, and MotoGP 07 was in a spot marked $9.90. So we take all that up there, and I see the price on the first item was higher than expected, so I ask about it. I'm informed that the discounts will be applied at the end. Ok. So the total comes to ~$75. I was expecting ~$40, tops. The guy says MotoGP was $24 instead, so I have to go show him the price thing. Yeah, the price thing says MotoGP 06 $9.90 - and MotoGP 07 is all that's in there. Fine, take that one off. Total was $44. I pay, then they go to get the Wii game, and the guy says "Oh, this isn't discounted, it's the price showing." So we decline that. I grab the receipt from my stuff, and NOTHING was 50% off. Most were 20-30% off. I tell the guy, and he says "uhh.." then starts checking out the next person, So we end up walking over to Customer Service. The guy there goes back to check in the VG section, then calls on the radio to ask about it, looks at his screen, thinks for a bit.... Then says, "Ok, the bin is UP TO 50% off, that's why the prices are different." And I say "That's BS, you guys need to mark your prices better, return them all." Annoying, I'm not going to play "guess the price." It's a freaking store, mark your CURRENT prices ON THE ITEMS BEING SOLD.


Work has been picking up a bit. Evidently, I'm the person first in line for all the new stuff this release. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to test this app. Looks like I might be making progress, so I'm going to work on it now.
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