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Toys, Toys, Toys..... Toys!

First, let's actually see the games.

Games being organized.

UMD and PSP on shelf, in back.

360 games lined up.

Adding the 360 games to the shelf.

Added the PS2 and some PS1 games to the shelf.


Now, onto the new toy.

I went from

Panasonic 42" Plasma
entertainment center

It was a nice deal from BB. $1100 to start. Adding the $150 installation took $300 off the price. And there's a $200 rebate. So, about $820 after tax. Not bad. I could have gotten one closer to the one I really want (which is $3K) by spending twice as much, but I figured this would do for a secondary display. I still need to figure out switching/multiplexing.

The delivery took about 2 mins, after the 5 phone calls over the weekend. The installation was a separately-scheduled thing, which was dumb. It was also not worth the price. The guy came in, unboxed it, helped me move the tube to the floor (where it still sits - anyone interested in it?), set it up on the stand, moved it to the entertainment center, and plugged in the inputs I specified. I then turned each console on in turn while he manned the remote (lots of work, there) to switch inputs. Everything worked except cable, to which he shrugged and said "oh well, anything else before I go?" and left. Total time was about 20 mins. No calibration, no detailed setup process, just the absolute minimum.

It was quite the surprise when they came over and saw it. In any case, it works well, has a nice bright, vivid picture, and is plenty good for using when the projector isn't suitable or for multitasking\dual play.

And... I hit 22,222 gamerscore.


I was playing DDRU2 and saw that I was at 22,202. The either of the next 2 achievements I was trying for would get me 20 more, so I went for it. Took quite a few tries to get that challenge completed, but I did it and then stopped for the night.

We ended up playing a little Burnout Paradise online, where I helped but did not drive. Then some Rock Band.


There we have it.
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