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Pics Cards Scroll

Death Note Wall Scroll

I finally have some pics up to show off....

Hey, look. A box. wow.

Opened box, still can't see much

Aha, GI Joe cards. Quite a few blister packs, eh?

Dothack cards

More dotHack cards, you can also see the Hecatomb deck boxes, 7th Sea, and GI Joe starter.

The 5 booster boxes plus starter box for dotHack and 7th Sea out of the box.

Now you get a slightly better idea just how many GI Joe blisters there are.

All that's left is these boxes. Hmm.

Aha, Hecatomb boosters.

That is 3 cases of 6 booster boxes each, one for each set.

Oh, and a starter box.

Oh, hey, a Ransai. Where'd that come from? Also, bike rack.

Another shot of the Ransai and bike rack.

Yeah, that's a lot of GI Joe packs. 96 to be exact.

Another box!

Another another box!

Crimson Skies, Shadowrun, One Piece, High Stakes Drifter.

RocketMen, ShadowRun.

So... yeah. A bunch of cards, etc. I haven't opened a bunch of it still, some of it wasn't mine. Haven't taken pictures of all of it yet. I need more boxes to organize. And time devoted to doing so. I have checklist spreadsheets, but still need to work out the DB and scripts.
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