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Knew No Taxes

I did the improbable.. my own taxes. I used one of the recommended online tax thingies (technical term). Total cost was $14 and some time. Not bad at all, considering last year's was $200. And I eFiled, already got the confirmation emails back that fed and state were both accepted, and should have my returns direct deposited at some point soon. All in all, not too bad. I tried using the paper forms, something I do not recommend. It did help work out some of the numbers, but I mostly used my copy of last year's for guidance.

We saw Horton..., it was okay. And 10,000, which wasn't. Also went to a soccer game, which would have been a bit more fun if we weren't high the bleachers with a strong chilly wind nearly constantly blowing on us. It still wasn't bad.

I spent some time organizing and checklisting cards, so I'm going to have to input all that into spreadsheets and/or my upcoming online DB. It will be nice to have that, but it's a bit more work than I recall. I watching some various TV shows and misc videos, the only new thing of interest was Bus Gamer, which may end up being something worth keeping track of.

I'm in a Battle of the Bands in Rock Band between LAG, LeMed, and some other site(s). I'm evidently leading the 2nd LAG band, but we haven't even decided on instruments yet. I'll probably end up on vocals. Still Alive is a blast to play, BTW.

I finished Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 already, although there are quite a few achievements left. I went back and played some more R6V, and even some COD3 for variety. fun stuff.

It was such a nice day yesterday that I opened the windows. I even went so far as to unbox my hitch and determine that I won't be installing it by myself. Also did laundry and dishes. It was productive and relaxing.

Today, work. Not too bad, just finishing up some scripting and attempting to start tests some time today. Did some Burnout Paradise over lunch. CH later. RB tomorrow night.

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