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I watched Terry Pratchett's Colour Of Magic last night. In short, it is worth seeing. After the rocking Hogfather, however, it was a letdown.

The worst parts for me were the actor re-use in different character roles and the lack of actors in same role between them. Add to that the Patrician (plus associated scenes) seemed wholly wrong to me, and I wasn't fond of Rincewind to begin with. However, Twoflower and the Librarian (even with the re-use) were good and Cohen was near-perfect (only lacking in the occasional LOOK). Death was off. Tim Curry was a surprise.

It has been awhile since I read this and the other Rincewind books, so I won't vouch for accuracy. The story pretty much worked, although there were some rough spots I didn't care for.

I would like to see Mort, the ones where Vimes is the main character, and my favorites - Soul Music and Good Omens... If they're done up to Hogfather spec.

In any case, I'm sure I'll go ahead and buy it next year when it comes out on disc here.


AFD has been interesting, with Google, Blizzard, and ThinkGeek winning from what I've seen. The MS one was lame. Kotaku's cake thing was interesting, and there were a few others that were okay.


Got Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for about $40 used, someone had already traded it in for some reason. Wow, did that grab me. I've been working on getting through the story mode so far, with some MP definitely in the future, as it's the hot LAG game right now. I had been playing COD4 again, but I'll probably go back to R6V1 after this.


I know there's more, but I'm lacking in mental forefrontness at the moment. I think we're seeing Horton Hears A Who tonight after Chinese, then 10,000 BC on Thurs.. Maybe after Thai.

Oh, Taxes are still coming along... I remember now why I have other people do them for me usually. Still Alive was released today as free DLC for Rock Band, which I hope to have a chance to play tonight. We did play the free DLC for Guitar Hero III the other night, which was neat. And we've been opening cards and organizing them - more work than I remembered. I still need to finish checklisting them.

Off to a meeting.

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